9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Music

Learning music or mastering an instrument could bring a lot of benefits to your life and you may not know it. Even if you’re not thinking about starting a full music career but rather to have music as a hobby it still has some benefits that will help you in your daily life.
Mastering an instrument is not as easy as it may look, but it surely boosts your brain power and we’ll show you 9 reasons why you should learn music in order to be successful in many aspects of your life:

1. Brain development incensement: Playing instruments affects your brain in a positive way. Especially, kids benefit a lot in their development. Even though this doesn’t fully demonstrate that musicians are smarter individuals, playing an instrument really does make interesting changes in the human brain.

2. It will improve your math skills: Music and math are strongly related. Both disciplines present problems and puzzles that need to be solved. Once you understand the basics of music, math will be a lot easier for you. Having good math skills is very useful in a lot of careers and also in your daily life.

3. It promotes creativity: Many successful people from the business world and even some of the best politicians learned to play an instrument when they were kids. The most important thing isn’t what instrument in particular they played but how music actually helped them to be more creative at creating new strategies or ventures.

4. You’ll learn perseverance: Every musician, amateur or professional needs to be perseverant in order to master the required skills to master a musical instrument.
This learning journey takes hours of studying and practicing. If you’re able to put this energy into music, imagine just how big the benefit would be if you put the same passion into more areas of your life.

5. Your social skills will improve: Music is connected to a lot of cultures, ideas and, perspectives. If you feel like you’re an outsider in some place or situation you can always use your music skills and knowledge to connect with people around you.

6. It boosts your intelligence: Studies have found that when kids start learning music from an early age they tend to be smarter than the average kids who don’t play instruments.

7. You’ll get the beat: in order to play a song, it’s necessary to follow the correct rhythm and be able to pick up a beat. This will be a big advantage for your daily life since it’ll help to keep a better organization in your daily routines.

8. Your self-control will improve: Even if a lot of artists don’t set a good example of this, having self-control is essential when learning and studying music. It requires a lot of focus and concentration.

9. You’ll be a hard worker to get better and bigger results: As Aristotle said, “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”. Although it’s not always true that those who work the most are the most successful people in life, however, this usually is the case for musicians. The good thing about music is that if you work hard enough, you’ll probably be good at it.

In essence, music will teach you to always think that a bigger effort will bring better results. And even if this isn’t always the case, this mindset will help you improve in a lot of areas.



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Jose Carlos

Jose is a student of musicology and a big fan of books and science.

He lives in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and works as a freelance writer. His main profession is writing articles about music-related topics like music therapy, how music can cure diseases and what it does to the human brain.

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