Approaches of Work-Life Balance as a Freelancer

Having the possibility of becoming your own boss and enjoying a flexible schedule, in other words becoming a freelancer, appears as a very attractive option.

It is, but only if you manage to find the balance between life and work. You see, when you’re working as a freelancer, having your office at home, in most cases, it is very easy to mix life with work, which is not healthy (for various reasons). If you are not careful, you will end up dedicating your entire time to work, while your personal life will have to suffer. The best part about having a regular job is once your work schedule ends, you simply leave the office and enjoy life. But, as a freelancer, outlining this limit can be a bit more difficult.

At first, pushed by your enthusiasm to succeed and grow, you will be tempted to take in too much work. So, you will soon realize that all that spare time that should have been provided by a flexible schedule is a mirage. For that reason, you see MITA working almost around the clock but to be fair, this is a result of the time shift between Los Angeles and Vienna. However, either TC or Frank works on MITA-related things. This way, many projects get pushed forward very quickly as the work sometimes gets carried over seamlessly.

Then, there is the ability to say “no”. Keep in mind that in most of the times you are only one person and you cannot do everything. Plus you should allow yourself some time to relax and unwind because if not, you will burn out and will become a tired and irritable person. But saying “no” only refers to your own time and efforts. It can be very helpful to think about getting your personal VA (virtual assistant) who will help you on many different levels so you can focus on the business. Be careful with your schedule and say no to the tasks that will make your work schedule impossible to manage. After all, we are all humans.

It may take a while until you find the ideal recipe for entwining life and work as a freelancer, especially when your office is at home. But, with a bit of organization, everything is possible. Here are some quick and handy tips that will help you get more things done as a freelancer:

1) Wake up in the morning, as you would if having to go to a regular job, and start your working day early. This way, you won’t feel guilty if you will choose to relax in the evening.

2) Create a work schedule, like working from 8 A.M., or earlier if you want, and until 4, 5, or 6 P.M, depending on what you have to do.

3) After the working hours end, it is time to dedicate time to your life, like family, friend, and hobbies, anything that will make you happy and help you relax. But, in order to be productive and get things done, you should maximize your work hours by focusing on what you have to do only. Of course, have shorts break now and then, to refresh and stretch.

4) There are many tools available (mostly online apps that run in your browser window) that can help you stay on top of things. We will go into these tools in a dedicated article in the future. These tools are a great helper when it comes to managing your time with various projects like deadlines, recording sessions, edits, etc. …

Being a freelancer sometimes is not as easy as it seems because work can always overlap with life, hence, conflicts and tensions might emerge. However, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that we need time for our life, as too much work, no matter how ambitious we are, will exhaust us and make us unhappy in the end. So, make sure to allocate some time to the things you like and make you happy.

In that regards, have a great day everybody,


About the Author


Rhalou is an aspiring freelance writer from Romania.

She loves to write creative and original articles on many different subjects, including music. For many years she studied the English language, grammar, and literature.

Writing is something she does with joy and passion at the same time.

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