This playlist is a little compilation of tracks which show some M.I.T.A. writing and also arranging/orchestration. Some of these tracks are Main Titles used in TV shows, others are just written for fun.

Questions to M.I.T.A. – Part 1

This video is dedicated to cover some questions we get asked often in webinars or classes.

Negative Harmony

Negative Harmony has become a trendy subject. Learn more about shortcuts and secrets in Negative Harmony with an intervalic point of view. This video enables you to use Negative Harmony right away!

John The Film Composer

John wants to learn how to write great music for film. Does he succeed? Find out in the video above!

Making of John – Part 1

In this first part, we explain tools and devices which we have used to create the music for “John The Film Composer.”

Making of John – Part 2

The second episode deals with basic concepts of ‘coloration’ and orchestration.

“A Wish for Wings that Work”

Thomas Chase Jones explains a little bit about what he did in the movie “A Wish for Wings that Work” produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Skip Jones.

M.I.T.A. In Action

TC describes how he used some M.I.T.A. techniques to score the animation feature film “Batman vs. Dracula”.

“3+1” and “1+3”

This is an example of how to use the interval combination “3+1” and “1+3” in music. Listen to the Main Title of the movie “Where’s My Mummy”.

In the Studio with TC

In this video Thomas Chase Jones talks about the Main Title for the movie “Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster”.

Guitar Work

Thomas Chase Jones shows how to apply techniques from M.I.T.A. to the guitar.

HMW 2015

Many thanks to Mason Vellios for putting together this recap video of our M.I.T.A. class at the Hollywood Music Workshop 2015 in Baden (bei Wien), Austria. All credits for picture and music go to Mason Vellios!