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10 Songs You Need to Know From the 80s

10 Songs You need to Know From the 80sWe’ll provide you with the best and greatest tracks from different decades, hits that made history and that were representative of their times. In this occasion and for the first article of this new section we’ll talk about the 80s, the expressions that made this decade a big one for human history and the tracks that were lit back them. So, let’s get this countdown started and we hope you enjoy this

May 29th, 2018|

Telling the story with music

Telling the Story with Music Music is an art form that enables the artist to expose ideas, feelings, opinions, and experiences in a more authentic and personal manner. Music is not just about producing interesting sounds, as these sounds are actually the medium through which you can tell a story, your story. It doesn’t matter if a musical piece contains lyrics or not, as you can tell a story by using various sounds, tempos, and effects that can help

May 23rd, 2018|

Music Prodigies: Bach

Music Prodigies: Johann Sebastian BACH Be welcome to this section of this blog, this section is called “Music prodigies” in which we will tell about the greatest composers and musicians of all times. A little history will also be shown, but we assure one thing: this is not gonna put you to sleep. Our first prodigy is someone who took music to a whole new level, this man didn’t know what fame was and he didn’t write following any

May 16th, 2018|

The Impact of the CD on the Music Business

The Impact of the CD on the Music Business The music industry was born more than one century ago, just when the advances in technology allowed men to record, store, play and reproduce sounds. But the invention of the compact disc (CD) was the greatest event of the 20th century for the music industry. From there, newer and bigger technological advances were made, advances which the music industry knew how to keep up with. This great improvement managed to

May 11th, 2018|

How music creates cultures

How Music creates Cultures Music is present in everybody’s lives; nobody can run or hide away from music (unless you’re deaf). Nowadays, we don’t just hear music from performer for the mere purpose of entertainment, we can also hear it in jingles, commercials, anything, you name it. A lot of sociologists agree that music has a big impact in different social groups, there’s a music product for every taste in different presentations ready to be consumed by these individuals

May 7th, 2018|

20 Famous quotes from famous composers

20 Famous Quotes from Famous Composers Music has been an important part of life since the very beginnings of humanity, it has transcended all over the history and those who have devoted their lives to it have not only shared their knowledge about music theory and their musical creations, they have also left their intellectual legacy trough very inspirational treatises, quotes, books and even more sources you could ever imagine. These composers have given their thoughts not only for

May 3rd, 2018|

Listen for “the effect of an effect”

Notes on paper vs. emotion in music! I talked to a mixing engineer recently, and he shared some interesting aspects about his process what gear or plugins to use on a particular song. Basically, he was talking about two things: the technical side (like frequencies, signal flow, how to manipulate audio material, etc. ...) and the emotional effect he was looking for He really stressed that you have to understand both aspects and that it is absolutely crucial to

January 27th, 2017|

Merry Christmas from M.I.T.A.

Give more than you take! I was having a funky day and it just seemed that nothing was going right. I found myself feeling uncreative and in a spiral of "nothing's right". For some reason, I decided not to push it and so I changed where I put my energy. So, I spent the day thinking about things I could do for people in my life that were having a tough time. I made a list and started systematically

December 22nd, 2016|