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The Impact of MTV on the Music Industry

The Impact of MTV on the Music Industry MTV aired in August 1st of 1981 during the midnight. This TV channel started its transmission and played a big role not only in the music industry but also in music history for two generations. As a very fulminating statement, MTV’s first video was ‘Video killed the radio star’ by the Buggles, after a message that said “Ladies and gentlemen, rock’n’roll!” A new era in the music world was just starting

January 15th, 2019|

What is your personal WHY?

What is your personal WHY? In this article, I'd like to get a little emotional as it's the beginning of the new year 2019. I won't get into any new year's resolutions, though, but instead answer a question publicly that I got asked quite often over the last few weeks. Without dancing around, here's that question right away: "Why do you spend that much time and effort to build M.I.T.A.? And what keeps you going?" If you look from

January 1st, 2019|

8 Ideas to Motivate your Child to Practice

8 Ideas to Motivate Your Child to Practice Motivating children to improve their skills is not a simple job, even less in these times when there are so many distractions, implementing habits of discipline represents a challenge for parents and teachers. It's a fact that you can’t force children into something they don’t want to do, however, there are non-invasive methods of persuasion and motivation to guide them into the musical discipline. First of all, we have to bear

December 15th, 2018|

Focus on the Application, not Knowledge

Focus on the Application, not Knowledge This time I'd like to spend a few minutes to write an experience report. It's about a pattern that I start seeing in the development of our composers in training (CITs). When one starts with the M.I.T.A. composition course, very often the examples that are being sent in are complicated, very complex and totally overwritten. Early starters tend to put way too much information and too many musical ideas into their work. They

December 1st, 2018|

The “27 Club”

The "27 Club" There are quite a few things that are hard to explain in this world, one of these things being all the musicians that found their end at the age of 27. Yes, it can be a rather scary thing to think that all of them died when they were only 27-years-old, in various ways. Some specialists assumed that, due to the reckless and agitate lifestyle of the artists, 27 was a statistical spike at which young

November 15th, 2018|

Education or Career?

Education or Career? I'd like to start this article with an observation ... If you are being short on time at the moment, here's the key message of this article: Enjoying an education and having a great career absolutely may coexist at the same time! Don't get trapped by the idea that you aren't allowed to start a career as long as you are still in an education. There are two groups of composers/artists who are easy to recognize

November 1st, 2018|

9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Music

9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Music Learning music or mastering an instrument could bring a lot of benefits to your life and you may not know it. Even if you’re not thinking about starting a full music career but rather to have music as a hobby it still has some benefits that will help you in your daily life. Mastering an instrument is not as easy as it may look, but it surely boosts your brain power and

October 15th, 2018|

M.I.T.A. Membership – Content Strategy

M.I.T.A. Membership - Content Strategy This article is going to be the first piece of content in our blog about the membership. If you don't have the time today to read through it, here are the key elements right away: You'll have access to more than 25 hours of video content right away after you've signed up. And this content is ever-growing (replays of webinars, master classes, interviews, ...) We add new content to the membership area on a

October 1st, 2018|