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How Digital Devices changed the Consumption Behavior of Music

How Digital Devices changed the Consumption Behavior of Music Most certainly, most of the representatives of the young generation didn't manage to see how a tape looks like unless some are lying around their parent's house. And let's not forget that our parents used to listen to music on the radio or with the help of vinyl records, at least those that had a pickup at home. But, these days, everything has changed. There's no need for artists to

Objection: Time

Objection: Time! Our Academy has interviewed a lot of members, CITs, and potential future members over the last few months. We wanted to find out why some people took the membership, and others didn't. Almost everybody confirmed that they are interested in our non-traditional approach to composition and musical storytelling, but the question remains: Why haven't they joined the Academy yet? The number one objection I heard was time. It seems to be a widely-spread assumption that you have

The First Graduate

The First Graduate Usually, my blog posts live around interval theory, efficiency, or productivity in creating music. Well, this time, I want to take a different route. I've spent the last weekend in Paris, France. (It was the 4th weekend in August 2019.) Not only for the fun of it but also to honor the first official graduate from our Academy. He lives in Paris and deserves some recognition because of all the hard work, time, and effort that

Music as Medical Therapy

Music as Medical Therapy Everybody loves listening to music, but did you know that it can also be a healing method? Well, if you didn’t know that music has other power besides just lifting your mood, then you need to continue reading. See how music can help you improve your state of health and how it can become an ally when you’re fighting with an illness. It is known that many people use music to freshen up in the

Stop the Musical Confusion!

Stop the Musical Confusion! If you did a google search on "what is the definition of confusion?", you'll get these results: 1) uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required 2) the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something Everybody gets confused from time to time. There is no cure against it! According to the definition above, confusion equals having no control at the moment. So the question becomes "how can we regain control and

How the Internet changed the Music Industry

How the Internet changed the Music Industry The Internet changed everything we know. It changed the way we read, do research, shop, watch movies, work, and, of course, listen to music. While a few years ago you had to wait for an artist to release a new album in order to enjoy music or go through the challenge of recording something from the radio, which was extremely difficult without some proper equipment, now the Internet is filled with music


Quality In an interview with Tony Robbins, I picked up a very interesting thing that Tony said: Nobody is NOT going to read your article because it is too short! It's a very strong statement to the point and it got me thinking. If you provide value, the length really doesn't matter at all. And this can be applied not only to the written word but also video or even podcasts. As long as you are providing quality and

Famous quotes from Famous Composers – Part II

Famous quotes from Famous Composers - Part II Our history enjoyed some amazing composers, real musical geniuses that lived and breathed for music. They are the people whose music is still alive even in our days, being compositions that never grow old and are appreciated by generation after generation. To have a glimpse of their amazing minds, it is enough to take a look at these quotes, left behind by some of the most famous composers of our times.