You have to be specific!

If music is one of your main income streams, then you work in an industry which is determined by details. In order to create ‘good’ (or ‘organized’) music you have to be specific. You have to make decisions all the time!

This is not only true for writing music, but also for the orchestration and also the production process. Sometimes we base these decisions on taste, experience, or just because we learned it that way (perhaps even without knowing why). But the bottom line is that you have to make decisions all the time! Don’t worry too much about right or wrong though, as this all is going to get you experience. If you come across something musical that you like, don’t be afraid of analyzing it and putting it into your own ‘bag of tricks’.

In fact, making decisions is like training a muscle. Train it and you can accelerate your workflow immensely! You not only get more work done in less time, you also gain confidence in yourself as a human being and in what you do as an artist.

Be specific and take care,


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