The Academy is a very healthy and supportive community because of such positive and open-minded music creators, just like you! 

Maybe even YOU only discovered MITA because of another member's referral?

The process is super simple and it takes only one minute!

Are you happy and satisfied with the services and materials we provide? Please think of just one music-lover in your inner circle who would also benefit from what is available to members! Simply fill out the form below. (We'll send you a copy of what you send to your friend.)

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    You took action and this means the world to us! That's why everybody who refers a friend gets access to the "Growth Sessions". You'll be invited to the next "Growth Session" automatically whether your friend joins the Academy or not. That's non-conditional and there's no action required from you.

    If your friend follows your advice and joins the Academy, you'll get your next month for free! This also applies to members who are on the yearly membership. Your next scheduled fee will automatically move into the next month.

    You may refer more than just one friend and benefit multiple times from the refer-a-friend program. When our office sends out the login data to your friend, we automatically mention the referral program to identify your free month and there's no action required from you.

    Should you have the impression that something fell through the cracks, please reach out, and we'll get it solved!

    Do you have questions about the "refer-a-friend" program? Don't hesitate to contact us via the internal messaging system (you need to be logged in) or the contact form.