“Harmonization Secrets”

We hope that you enjoyed the free M.I.T.A. video series so far. Below you find a summary of all harmonization techniques which have been explained in the videos. Feel free to download all files and use them for study purposes.


Here you can listen to each example separately. Let’s start with Example #1, which is just the plain melody from the song “Happy Birthday to You”.


Benefits from the Course

  • individual communication with your M.I.T.A. instructor (via Zoom)
  • never run into writer’s block and gather materials quickly
  • all materials are being provided by your instructor
  • explore new musical places and relations
  • you don’t have to “forget” anything you know already
  • learn in your own pace (1 week or every other week)
  • speed up your writing process and become more effecient
  • gain more confidence in what you do as a composer/musician

Don’t wait as there are only a few places available for now.

Experience music in a complete new way!