How the Internet changed the Music Industry

The Internet changed everything we know. It changed the way we read, do research, shop, watch movies, work, and, of course, listen to music.

While a few years ago you had to wait for an artist to release a new album in order to enjoy music or go through the challenge of recording something from the radio, which was extremely difficult without some proper equipment, now the Internet is filled with music of all kinds. There are more than enough online platforms where you can enjoy any kind of music you like and even watch music videos. Practically, with the help of the Internet, music became available at our discretion. We can enjoy whenever and however we like it while having the opportunity to change the playlist according to our preferences.

But the Internet did more than just deliver us music with ease. It also helped artists escape their obscurity and placed them in front of audiences that enjoyed their music. For example, let us take a small band that is struggling to make its music be heard. It signs with a small record, as their budget is limited, and throws shows in small venues where the paycheck is not that great. But, several songs released on the Internet can change all of these. Once their music is available online and people find it, out of the desire to see what’s new, the band begins to have a more consistent audience, ends up playing in larger venues, gets invited in various shows, maybe record songs for TV series, and even get attractive offers from bigger record houses. All of these can happen in a very short time due to being exposed on the Internet.

This is also how records and various TV shows find emerging talents. If a record representative hears one of your songs online, for instance, and enjoys what he is listening to, you may receive a phone call one day. Of course, this is not a general rule, but the speed with which things happen on the Internet is staggering. These days, if you want to see how people react to your music, it is enough to create a YouTube channel or upload your songs on SoundCloud, and these are just two examples of places where you can enjoy a lot of exposure. But, if you do this, do expect both positive and negative feedback from your audience, as it is impossible to get everybody happy. Still, if your songs generate mostly positive reactions, then you are definitely getting somewhere.
So, these days it is not about the challenge of getting your song on the radio, although that’s a good thing as well, as it is about being present on YouTube and other online platforms that will facilitate the connection between your musical creations and your potential audience. Using the Internet for such purposes is fast, easy, and cheap. You don’t even have to make a video for your songs, as it might be enough to add some nice images to the soundtrack. Thus, someone can easily become famous overnight, literally, with the help of the Internet.

One thing, however, never changes. If you really want to maintain musical success over a long period of time maybe even a lifetime, then you need to build a strong connection to your audience. Don’t forget that you deal with humans on the other side of the Internet. Lasting success is the result of building trust with your followers and being consistent in your actions. And this takes time …

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About the Author


Rhalou is an aspiring freelance writer from Romania.

She loves to write creative and original articles on many different subjects, including music. For many years she studied the English language, grammar, and literature.

Writing is something she does with joy and passion at the same time.

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