Music Interval Theory Academy

wants you to stay safe and healthy during the Coronavirus crisis. Please stay safe and at home!

We've created an emergency plan to help you grow musically and overcome the time of isolation in a meaningful way!

​Personal Message

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Next Live Stream

Public ​Member Meeting - "Under the Eagle's Wings"​


Wednesday, May 20 at 6:00 pm CEST​ (equals 9:00 am LA time)

​Please note that you have to register for this live session. Registration is free and everybody is invited.

We are going to talk about Interval Theory, probably listen to some great music and even have some live guitar performances (Interval Theory applications).

Please join 5-10 minutes before the live stream starts, and feel free to bring a friend! Of course, you may share the registration link on social media and everywhere else!​

Zoom Client

​We recommend you download and install the Zoom Client to attend the live streams/webinars. This requires that you create a free account on the Zoom website, but it enables many features that we will be using during the live stream (such as better video and audio quality, a dedicated Q&A section, and the live chat).

In case you cannot install the Zoom client software, then please choose the option "Join from Browser" after having clicked on the Zoom link above.

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​Don't miss to join our official group called "M.I.T.A. Meetup" on Facebook. All of our public live streams take place in that group!​