Welcome to the M.I.T.A. buffet!

M.I.T.A. will change the way you write music and even how you think about music! Although everything in music theory is connected to each other (speaking of devices and techniques), each lesson deals with a different subject, like “Scale Combinations” or the “Matrix of Triads”. Since we are all individuals, it is without any doubt that every composer builds up his own personal ‘bag of tricks’ over time. Those ‘tricks’ are techniques which give us the sound we like and the results we look for, this will become a mirror of ourselves and what we like the most. It usually comes down to two major aspects:

  1. What is practical to your workflow?
  2. Do you like what it sounds like? Because it is a matter of taste!

And this is exactly the moment the buffet comes into play. By going through the course you will have a taste of every kind of food which is on the plate. It is just normal that you are going to discover some of your personal highlights and also some other things which are just not made for you – and that’s totally fine. Never fight your personal taste since this is one of the main aspects which will get you the job! The more you understand about personal taste and the work which is necessary to develop it, the more you will rise above the crowd of competitors.

So, once you know what is being offered on the plate, it is your decision what you take for your second serving. On that note, Bon app├ętit!



About the Author

Frank Herrlinger

Frank Herrlinger

Frank is the co-founder of Music Interval Theory Academy (M.I.T.A.) and a professional composer working in the industry for over 10 years. He wrote music for numerous video games published for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. His music is also constantly heard on German television (RTL, Pro7, VOX, etc.), in commercials, and trailers.

Furthermore, he gives live training sessions in composition and how to use interval theory inside the membership every month.

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