M.I.T.A. Ebooks

Our ebooks give you in-depth explanations on various subjects and topics, along with practical demonstrations of how to put theory into action!

They are great resources for inspiration, motivation and creativity!

Also, next to the actual ebook (in PDF format) you’ll have access to video explanation of all topics shown in the respective ebook.

Negative Harmony

This topic has become very trendy nowadays. Find out about shortcuts and secrets about Negative Harmony using interval theory. This ebook not only explains the process of how to translate any melody or vertical structure into the negative, it also includes practical examples! (October 2018, 1h 4 min.)

The Overtone Series

The Overtone Series is one of the strongest tools available to composers. In this ebook, we explain how to use it effectively in composition and also orchestration. The Overtone Series helps us understand chords in different registers and how to voice vertical structures in much more! (January 2017, 43 min.)

Root Cycles I – Basics

You might already be familiar with our term “Root Cycles” (RCs) from the M.I.T.A. Basic Course. This ebook is a great introduction to the application and practicality of RCs and how you can use them in composition! (February 2017, 46 min.)