M.I.T.A. Master Classes

M.I.T.A. Master Classes take place mostly in TC’s studio. These Master Classes are centered around music interval theory but not limited to that. We also bring in guest lecturers who cover sections like “The Music Industry” or “Copyright Law”.

The Music Modernization Act – Dr. Allen Hyman

The music business has changed a lot since the Internet. Many laws of copyright needed an update. In October 2018, these updates were signed. (August 2019, 1h 25 min.)

Powering Up Note Performer 3 – Marc Bercovitz

Marc is a M.I.T.A. instructor and a wonderful composer/orchestrator. He was so kind as to take us through his process about tweaking Note Performer 3! (May 2019, 49 min.)

The Music Business – Doug Frank

Doug was “President of Music” at Warner Bros. for many years. He is an absolute expert of the music business and shares his experience in this Master Class. (December 2017, 2h 38 min.)

Branding & Social Media – Scott Page

Scott not only is a world-class musician (Pink Floyd, Toto & Supertramp), he is also an entrpreneur and shares very valuable tips and tricks on branding and social media! (November 2017, 57 min.)

Scaling of Intervals – Frank Herrlinger

Frank (co-founder of M.I.T.A.) talks about scaling of intervals and gives practical tips on how to use them in compositions. (November 2017, 49 min.)

Gathering of Materials – Thomas Chase Jones

TC (co-founder of M.I.T.A.) shares great and unique information about his own process of composing and he also talks about the importance of gathering materials. (November 2017, 1h 46 min.)

Introduction to Interval Thinking – Thomas Chase Jones

Hear TC talk about using an interval approach in composition. Find out why it leads to new musical ideas and gives control over what you do at the same time! (July 2017, 3h 7 min.)