M.I.T.A. Technology

In this section, we give information and insight into the technical side of the music industry.

Whether you want to be more fluent with your DAW (digital audio workstation) or look for quick tips on how to improve your mockups, this is the right place to be!

Logic Pro X – Part 1 (Free for all)

Follow Miguel (M.I.T.A. tech expert) in this comprehensive collection of tips and tricks so you’ll become better and faster at using Logic Pro X. You not only get great video explanations but also very handy documentation in PDF format of all steps explained! (March 2019, 23 videos, 30 min.)

Logic Pro X – Part 2

And our journey through Logic Pro X continues. This time Miguel covers a variety of hints that will speed up your workflow tremendously. Be warned, we are moving quickly but every step we make is documented in a dedicated PDF so it’s very easy to follow along. (Sep 2019, 21 videos, 31 min.)

Logic Pro X – Part 3

Here is our last segment in the series about Logic Pro X. Let’s find out what is being left in Miguel’s personal ‘bag of tricks’. This video series really covers some great advice every Logic user should know. This not only will prevent you from running into technical issues but also shifts your focus back to the creative process. (Sep 2019, 26 videos, 40 min.)