M.I.T.A. Meetup

This is the exclusive place where M.I.T.A. Members exchange musical ideas, talk about subjects from the M.I.T.A. Courses and connect to other geniuses from the community!

The M.I.T.A. Meetup Facebook group also allows members to get in touch with official M.I.T.A. instructors and the founders!

I agree to these Ethics! Let’s proceed.

Ethics & Philosophy

The M.I.T.A. community is constantly growing and the members hold a code of musical and business ethics. Please understand that standards and ethics are crucial to our community, and by not adhering to these ethics you may be dismissed.

Our instructors and mentors are fully committed to your development as a composer, orchestrator and arranger. As a member of our community you are committing yourself to the highest of musical goals (master composer). You can discuss M.I.T.A. freely in general terms as to M.I.T.A.’s effectiveness and your personal experience and success. There are no secrets in music theory and you will unlock many hidden musical doors by putting in the work and remaining curious.