Music as Medical Therapy

Everybody loves listening to music, but did you know that it can also be a healing method? Well, if you didn’t know that music has other power besides just lifting your mood, then you need to continue reading.

See how music can help you improve your state of health and how it can become an ally when you’re fighting with an illness. It is known that many people use music to freshen up in the morning, get motivated for their physical workout, set their right mood for the day, or find the desire to work and give their best. The truth is that music has powerful effects on our mind, body, and soul.

Just think about the times when music made you feel happy, or blue, depending on what you were listening. Starting from the fact that music has such a profound impact on the human brain, therapy with the help of music went into the focus of many scientists. Some scientists even believe that specific wavelengths (or frequencies) can stimulate certain parts of the brain so that therapy can target the cause of the illness with increased precision. As long as the brain perceives the music as pleasant, all types of genres can be used for therapy. However, specialists found that music belonging to a person’s culture works best in most cases. Finding relief from stress and anxiety is one of the best reasons why people start listening to their favorite music. This procedure quickly becomes a habit that will help you release the tension and enjoy a better mood. So, each time you feel like stepping on the edge, turn on your favorite song and allow yourself to burn some steams, enjoying the calming effect of music.

Because music mainly affects the functioning of our brain, it is highly indicated to be used in alleviating mental and emotional disorders. Depression, for example, one of the most commonly found problems today, can be managed more comfortable with the help of music. Depression can have severe repercussions on someone’s life, by affecting the quality of sleep, eating disorders, and so on. While it is true that music alone cannot help a person, researchers discovered that music therapy could improve the response of patients to anti-depressive medication. In other words, those that get the help of alternative treatment through music will begin feeling better. At least, this is more likely.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Then improve the quality of your sleep with the help of music. There is a particular type of music which will allow you to sleep better, deeper, and feel more rested in the morning. The sound of nature can be helpful as well; noises like the leaves in the wind create sounds that are very close to white noise. Many people connect the sound of nature to home and having a shelter. And that is the moment where we composers have to pay attention because those sounds are outlining the Overtone Series. You might want to implement those structures into your compositions if your goal is to create relaxing music or music for meditation. Never overlook what nature teaches us as this is a massive resource of inspiration and a possible entry into the Creative Pool.

No matter in which context you create music, like therapy or entertainment, stay curious, open-minded, and try to make the world a better place.

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