Telling the Story with Music

Music is an art form that enables the artist to expose ideas, feelings, opinions, and experiences in a more authentic and personal manner. Music is not just about producing interesting sounds, as these sounds are actually the medium through which you can tell a story, your story. It doesn’t matter if a musical piece contains lyrics or not, as you can tell a story by using various sounds, tempos, and effects that can help the listener to submerge in a different state of mind. In fact, for many people music represents a form of therapy, as it allows them to tell their story, to share what they feel and live, easier than actually using words for this process.
While there are songs made for the pure enjoyment of listening to music, those that are capable of telling a story are the most captivating. Most certainly, you have a story to tell, happy or sad, and music can help you convey it into a form that is easier to digest. Everybody loves music and many people will be able to connect with your story if it is presented in such a form. The truth is that many artists use their own experiences to write and create their songs because their own feelings are a powerful source of inspiration. So, whether it is about love, gratitude, success, hardship, the power to move on, the ability to stand your grown, a song can tell the story of a person. Music that is capable of triggering emotions among its audience is the most valuable form of music. So, when creating a musical piece, it is highly recommended to incorporate a story in it. See what inspires you and use sounds to tell the story.
Music is a very powerful tool when it comes to storytelling, this is why movies have a soundtrack because, with the help of sounds, images and words gain a bigger impact. But, music alone is impactful enough, without adding images to it, so if you have something to say be creative about it and turn your words into an impressive song. Allow your thoughts and emotions to guide you through, and the result will definitely be the one you want. Artists are not that organized when it comes to creating music. They allow themselves to be inspired by anything and as soon as they get an idea, they put it on paper and develop it according to their own states and experiences. Also, it doesn’t matter if you tell your story or the story of others, as the message can be as powerful in both cases if the music is used in the best way possible. Musicians, instead of writing stories with a pen and ink, they write it with the help of instruments and their sounds.
And don’t worry that people won’t understand your story because there will always be some of them that will connect with your musical story. Since this spends on their own experiences, it is very difficult to create a musical story that reaches everyone. But, as long as it manages to reaches a part, your work is done.

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Frank Herrlinger

Frank Herrlinger

Frank is the co-founder of Music Interval Theory Academy (M.I.T.A.) and a professional composer working in the industry for over 10 years. He wrote music for numerous video games published for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. His music is also constantly heard on German television (RTL, Pro7, VOX, etc.), in commercials, and trailers.

Furthermore, he gives live training sessions in composition and how to use interval theory inside the membership every month.

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