The “27 Club”

There are quite a few things that are hard to explain in this world, one of these things being all the musicians that found their end at the age of 27.

Yes, it can be a rather scary thing to think that all of them died when they were only 27-years-old, in various ways. Some specialists assumed that, due to the reckless and agitate lifestyle of the artists, 27 was a statistical spike at which young artists lost their lives. But, such a claim was dismissed in time. Thus, the so-called “27 Club” came to being, although it is not an official club, the name being offered to the group of musicians that had their lives abruptly cut at this particular age.

What is notable is that each of these artists had a rather violent death, like being murdered or as a result of a severe accident, or their passing away was the result of a risky lifestyle, like drug and alcohol abuse. Thus, none died due to a health problem. One of the factors that made people think that there was something wrong with this age was the fact that most of the deaths occurred between the years 1969 and 1971. But, the ones that researched the phenomenon failed to find any conclusive connection between the deaths. It was more than obvious that the rapid ascension of young artists on the ladder towards fame and fortune could have influenced the end of their lives. Caught in a rapid whirlpool that meant a lot of social and media attention, numerous concerts, and public events, constantly being on the road, losing sleep and facing a high level of pressure, made them go for alcohol and drugs to take the edge off. Unfortunately, the excessive consumption of substances, plus exhaustion and other factors, led to their deaths.

Also, too much fame triggers the appearance of fanatics, which can turn out to be dangerous, as some will want to murder their favorite celebrities, blinded by their admiration mixed with envy and other negative feelings. And, of course, being on the road all the time significantly increases the risk of being involved in an accident with horrific outcomes. Still, the idea of putting together this odd “club” did not appear until 1994, when singer Kurt Cobain, the frontman of band Nirvana, died at 27 years old. Because the line of deaths among young artists appeared to stop in 1971, the ones that lost their lives between 1969 and 1971 were believed to be mere coincidences. Then, in 2011, the “club” got a new member, as artist Amy Winehouse died at the same age. Amy was even known to express her fear of dying at this age, so the fact that it actually happened was staggering for very many people. It is worth mentioning that both Cobain and Winehouse were known for their drug abuses, which is supposed to have brought their ends as well.

So, while it is rewarding to get the admiration of people for your musical creation, you should be aware, as an artist, that it is easy to be swept away by the mirage of fame. No matter where your life’s path will take you, be responsible and take care of your health if you want to enjoy the fruits of your work.

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