The Consumption Behavior of Music

Most certainly most of the representatives of the young generation didn’t manage to see how a tape looks like unless there are some lying around at their parent’s house. Even more than this, let us not forget that our parents used to listen to music on the radio or with the help of vinyl records, at least those that had a pickup at home. But, these days, everything is changed. There’s no need for artists to release albums any longer, as it’s enough to post a song on the Internet and everybody will be able to enjoy it in no time. The advancement of technology and the easy availability of music definitely changed the way people consume music nowadays.

After the Walkman, which is a small portable stereo that worked with tapes and headphones, came the MP3 player. The first was released back in 1997 by Saehan Information Systems, a company from South Korea. This small device was going to revolutionize how people listened to music, as there was no need for tapes anymore. If one had a computer with a USB port, then it was possible to download his favourite songs, in MP3 format, onto his MP3 player and enjoy music on the go. Then, in 2001, Apple launched its first iPod model. Again, the purpose was to offer people the advantage of increased portability when it came to listening to music, without having to rely on tapes or CDs. Thus, the dimension of portable devices that were capable of redeeming music shrunk considerably, so they could easily fit in a small pocket now. Plus, the user had the possibility of changing the playlist all the time, according to his preferences.
Although 1996 brought the first model of smartphone, it was far from being the type of smartphones we use today. But, starting with the year 2000, mobile phones became smarter and better-equipped. Soon, people realized that they don’t need MP3 players and iPods, as they could easily use their smartphone for such purposes. Considering that smartphones are extremely popular these days and that there is an impressive number of users, it is easy to tell that music consumption was taken to another level. Now, if you want to get the latest songs of your favourite artist or simply update your playlist, it is enough to access the Internet and download the preferred songs directly on your smartphone. Obviously, this leads to a significant increase in the demand for music, as it is extremely easy and convenient to listen to music and get new music these days. Practically, you don’t rely on the existence of a computer and you don’t even have to be home, as you can enjoy new music wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.

So, the consumption behavior of music changed drastically in the past decades, together with the spectacular development of technology. With the help of devices like smartphones, we now have music available anytime and anywhere, with minimum effort. Thus, when resources are so easily available, it is only natural for demand to be on the rise.

So, nobody really knows what the next step in technology is going to be but one thing is for sure: Music will stay around us!

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