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About the Course

  • the course is being taught person-to-person via Skype on a weekly basis
  • this is not a beginner course, please make sure that you meet the requirements
  • we provide you with all the materials (pdf- and mp3-files)
  • the course is approximately 50 lessons (see table of contents below)
  • the time frame for each lesson is 1 hour via Skype and 5-8 hours for the application
  • the time frame for the whole course is approximately 12 to 15 months
  • lessons can be taken in English or German

There are only a few places available for now.

Experience music in a complete new way!


Have a look at our demo PDF.


M.I.T.A. contents (excerpt)

  • sketches and how to develop them into full pieces
  • from one single melody to 4-line-writing (choir, SATB)
  • different concepts of counterpoint
  • voice-leading of vertical structures
  • horizontal and vertical relationships
  • the meaning of modes and scales and how to use them
  • first and second octave chord structures (from triads to 13ths)
  • bass movement and root progressions
  • 6/4 structures and their resolutions (also on different scales)
  • interval and chord matrices
  • expansion and contraction
  • and much more …

A more detailed table of contents can be found here!


The M.I.T.A. community is constantly growing and the members hold a code of musical and business ethics.  Please understand that standards and ethics are crucial to our community, and by not adhering to these ethics you may be dismissed.

Our teachers and mentors are fully committed to your development as a composer, orchestrator and arranger.  As a member of our community you are committing yourself to the highest of musical goals (master composer).  You can discuss M.I.T.A. freely in general terms as to M.I.T.A.’s effectiveness and your personal experience and success. There are no secrets in music theory and you will unlock many hidden musical doors by putting in the work and remaining curious.


  • you have a good and solid music education and understand basic harmony theory
  • be passionate about music and learning something new
  • you have a stable/fast internet connection and a Skype account
  • 5-8 hours a week to prepare homework/applications
  • your homework should be sent to us in Sibelius file format (.sib)
  • optional: you are able to create mock-ups with virtual instruments

In case you are unsure whether or not you meet the requirements, send us an email.


  • 4 lessons for 160 USD / 150 EUR each
  • 8 lessons for 145 USD / 135 EUR each
  • 12 lessons for 138 USD / 128 EUR each

All prices are valid for 2018 and considered net prices, no refunds.

Lesson fees include all materials needed, also corrections/feedback of assignments and an on-going support via email.