​If you are on the hunt for quick and reliable techniques that boost your composition and performing skills, this place is FOR YOU! Our Workshops show the application of Interval Theory most effectively. We help you to focus on those elements that make a difference to the music that you create!

Add New Colors​

​It's easy to talk about music theory and what you should do to become a better composer. Let's skip that step. Instead, we want to focus on real music and real compositions.

The Smart Way​

Thick books about dry music theory won't teach you the shortcuts and secrets that make creating music fun. Let's apply some Interval Theory magic and explore this colorful world of opportunities!

Lifetime Access​

​We provide you ​with all the materials that guide through the Workshops step by step. Video material, PDFs, and MP3s, all downloadable so that you can use the materials offline and everywhere!​

"Portals"​ - €59​​​


​Many composers get stuck with writing exciting chord progressions. "Portals" are an elegant option to modulate into new tonal centers via chromatic movement!​

​Learn how to spice up any ordinary progression or cadence in no time and become a better composer and storyteller! We focus on those practical shortcuts that you don't find in any book out there!

This workshop is a perfect introduction to Interval Theory.

Get The Best Training Available! ​Join the Academy​!

​Finally, grow your musical confidence and write the type of music that actually matters - to you and your audience! Use all the resources available to you and become an Academy member!

The Workshops vs. the Membership​​

​​Hi, my name is Frank, co-founder of Music Interval Theory Academy. Some people might wonder why there are Workshops at all since we offer the membership, right?

The membership focuses on your on-going journey and musical improvement as an artist over time. It offers in-depth courses, live sessions, and a beautiful like-minded community that helps you push even harder when needed. You'll become a member of the M.I.T.A. family with all the support and help that one would expect from a healthy group. It's a unique experience that can change your musical life forever!

On the other hand, however, some artists don't miss those unique things that we offer inside the membership. Sometimes, they only want to work on their writing skills and enjoy the power of Interval Theory. And that is OK, that's why we've created the Workshops. It's an excellent opportunity for those who are not interested in joining the Academy but still want to learn.

But does this mean that members don't get access to the Workshops? Well, since my advice to everybody interested in Interval Theory is to join the Academy, all members get special conditions on the Workshops. All members and even the subscribers of M.I.T.A. Magazine know that TC and I are 100% dedicated to supporting our inner circle. We send out special deals and even a ton of free materials to those who want to learn more about what we teach.

If you are a member already or if you know that you are going to join the Academy soon, I recommend you skip the "regular way" of getting access to the Workshops and get in touch with me instead.

But maybe you are unsure about what to do at all!? 

In this case, I want to give you the following advice: Start with the free materials and articles about Interval Theory and have a look at how this all works in the application. You will be surprised about how much your writing skills will improve by only applying a few interval techniques.

Those who know us personally will confirm that we are very transparent in all we do. That includes not only the process of creating music but also the business around it. We know that transparency and honesty are crucial for building long-term relationships and even friendships.

Are you feeling the same way? If so, our Academy always reserves a place for an artist like you!

See you soon and best always,