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"Portals" and how YOU benefit from them!

Learn how to come up with fresh ideas, be original and destroy writer's block - this is about YOU becoming a creative MONSTER!

Are you struggling with being original and

finding your own musical voice?

Yes, realizing that you sound absolutely like everybody else can be very frustrating! In fact, frustration kills creativity! You probably feel under pressure that you have to come up with fresh and creative ideas almost every day, but all you are staring at is the blank page and writer's block!

It's a widespread problem for composers to not feel creative like they are being trapped in the downward spiral of frustration. Nothing seems to move forward, and the time invested that day feels so wasted.

In fact, that's not only a subjective feeling, but it can create serious problems for you. Why should any client hire you when your product isn't different/special? What's your unique selling point then?

As a result, should you lower your fee, so you stay competitive? Well, if you do, you just entered into a race to the bottom because your competitors have to do the same. Now, it's just a matter of time until you can't afford anymore to take part in that race.

When you browse through forums or social media, you see those screams for help everywhere: "Please help me sound more original!", "How can I improve on this progression?", or "What should I compose after that section?". Sounds familiar?

Essentially, they all are aware of their problems, but don't see any other solution than to ask their competitors who also don't know how to solve them. That doesn't seem to be very efficient, right?

Well, those who potentially could drop a value bomb usually don't have the time to write long replies. They are busy doing actual work!

Here's the most efficient solution!

Fix Music Theory Workshop - "Portals"

This 5-day online workshop is designed to teach you how to use 'portals' in common chord progressions. Everything is based on practicality and getting to results quickly. In an easy-to-follow step-by-step process, we'll dive into the adventurous world of Interval Theory.

You'll learn how to start to think horizontally and how to get closer to your own musical voice.

FIX Music Theory


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After you've signed up, you'll instantly get an email from Frank (that's the creator of this workshop) in which he goes directly into the content! Then, you'll receive one email a day over five days in which Frank covers all the materials of this workshop!

You'll walk out of this workshop with the knowledge of how to write faster and more efficiently and, if you followed the assignments, you will have created your first composition, which is enhanced by Interval Theory!

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Invest in Yourself

Most insecure composers compensate for their feelings with gear and software, but you know better!

Introduction to Interval Theory

Interval Theory covers a ton of highly-effective composition techniques; Portals being one of them.

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The Content of the Workshop

Below you see a brief summary of the content that we are going to cover. You'll get access to video materials, PDFs, and MP3s, all of that is fully downloadable.

Day 1

Chromatic Lines

Chromatic transitions are one of the most powerful tools in guiding the attention of our audience. Hence, it's an essential part of musical storytelling, and as composers, we should be able to take advantage of that! Starting from the Diatonic system, we'll find our way to implementing chromatic lines into our chord progressions quickly.

  • 28 min.

Day 2

The Portal

The Portal is a very versatile device that lets us change tonalities quickly and easily due to chromatic transitions. Now is the moment where we leave a musical key but maintain a Diatonic sound throughout the demonstration. We'll also explain how to expand on your initial musical idea by using the Portal.

  • 31 min.

Day 3

Getting Inspired

To apply new ideas, one has to use them. We'll give you lots of inspiration for how you can use and connect to the Portal in your own compositions. This day is all about hands-on and practical tips so you can accelerate your process of writing music. We want you to see results!

  • 28 min.

Day 4

Creating the Sketch

Let's create a road map that we want to use for the composition. Having a sketch in place is essential for making quick decisions and changes. You'll never lose track of the overall story, but even more importantly, you open up yourself for seeing great opportunities in the process of orchestration.

  • 42 min.

Day 5

The Orchestration

Orchestration is a massive subject on its own, and many composers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices and options. That's why we'll provide some quick wins and key elements to start with that will help you make the right decisions based on your taste. Stop the confusion and build your musical confidence!

  • 54 min.


Bonus Content for Academy Members

All members of the Music Interval Theory Academy will get access to some bonus content that shows the actual Cubase session of the musical piece that Frank creates in this workshop. Becoming a member is optional and totally up to you! In case you want to turn into a creative monster, absolutely look at the Academy!

Here’s what people are saying about the workshop

Alex Gostin

Professional Composer

I can't wait for more workshops in the future!

This is a great workshop! The techniques presented will certainly help anyone with writer's block.

Frank's knowledge and method of presentation is entertaining and he certainly knows his stuff.  The snippets of orchestration techniques in day 5 were also a real bonus. 

Dan Selsick

Session Musician & Composer

A personal domino effect of “aha” moments!

By the time I got to Frank’s cheat sheet, I was a coiled spring of creative musical energy. I’m not new to voice-leading, but Frank’s suggestions for manipulating some very basic concepts have definitely captured my imagination.

Frank’s compositions have an ingenious simplicity and clarity to them, and watching him in his construction process has been very enjoyable and a rare privilege indeed.

Please keep these seminars coming Frank, but give me some time to write a ton of music before the next one!

Pete Swanson

Professional Composer & Guitar Player

Insider knowledge that you don't find anywhere else!

This workshop shows how to take a seemingly simple and easily digestible idea and squeeze every last bit of use out of it.

The way Frank describes the simple use of a "Portal" to get to so many different options is what we all as composers and performers want ... variety and choice so one can discover their own musical voice.

Seeing the "portal" device used from beginning to end not only allowed me to understand the concept intellectually, but to see how it could be used to develop an emotional piece of music."

About the Instructor,
Frank Herrlinger

Frank is a professional composer from Vienna, Austria. He has been hired to work on countless projects over the last 17 years, including Disney, Sony, and many others.

In 2015, Thomas Chase Jones and Frank founded Music Interval Theory Academy and taught many composers very successfully to become more efficient, more prosperous, and more creative since then.

Next to writing music in the industry, Frank loves teaching and looks forward to welcoming YOU in this workshop!

Fix Music Theory!

The way how music theory is being taught at traditional educational institutions is broken!

You'll spend most of your time with the analysis of classical composers, which only teaches you how to write in the style of those composers. The truth is that nobody ever will hire you to write something like Mozart or Bach! This type of education won't let you survive if you want to become a working composer in the indsutry. On top of that, the costs for traditional education can quickly go up to 20,000.00 EUR or more, depending on the institution, even when taking online classes only.

Instead, music theory should teach how to become an elegant and efficient musical storyteller - for an affordable investment.

Workshop "Portals"

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Personal message

"You are the author! It's your name on top of the page!" -

Everybody who studies with me has probably heard me say this very often, for a good reason: This journey is about YOU and your development as a composer, musician, and orchestrator.

I truly hope that you'll benefit big-time from this workshop and that we get to know each other in person quite soon.

Best always and have a great day,