"Sketching Your Composition"

Sketching is an important part of the music composition process. It helps you to quickly find ideas and try different approaches before committing to a final thought.

In this workshop, you'll learn 3 efficient sketching techniques that will save you hours when writing music!

If you sketch out your music beforehand already, then you know ...

... how valuable this part of the music creation process is.

A solid sketch prevents you from running into musical dead ends, frustration and even speeds up the whole creative process. 30 minutes of sketching out an idea beforehand can save you hours later.

Still, sketching is confusing to many composers. Where do you start, and how do you organize your ideas? How much information is enough, and what is essential?

And if you've never sketched before and maybe even run into frustration because of your unsatisfying and random musical results, this mini-workshop is for you!

Here's the bottom line

I bet you never heard a painter say: "Well, I originally wanted to paint that banana, but it turned into a sportscar somehow!" :D ...

A painter determines what's on the picture! A director determines what the movie is about! You, the composer, should have complete control over the music you write, do you agree?

If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your process, spend way too many hours and still don't get anything to the finish line, it's time to stop this right now!

Your Key Benefits from this Workshop

You'll walk out of this workshop with some key concepts of how to sketch faster and more efficiently and, if you follow the action steps, you'll even have created a lot of musical ideas that are ready to be taken to the next step.

Videos, PDFs & Audio

We'll listen to a lot of music, look at various sketches and break them down into core principles.

Invest In Yourself

Most insecure composers compensate for their feelings with gear and software, but you know better!

Enhance Your Existing Knowledge

There's no need to change your process, as we'll build on top of what you know already.

Lifetime Access To All Materials

You will be able to download and save all the materials on your machine for lifetime access.

The Sketching Process

Let's take the mystery out of the sketching process to give you a better understanding of what is happening.

Meet Your Instructor,
Frank Herrlinger

Frank is a professional composer from Vienna, Austria. He has been hired to work on countless projects over the last 17 years, including Disney, Mattel, Nintendo, Sony, and many others.

In 2015, Thomas Chase Jones and Frank founded the Music Interval Theory Academy and taught many composers very successfully to become more efficient, more prosperous, and more creative since then.

Next to writing music in the industry, Frank loves teaching and looks forward to welcoming YOU in this workshop!

The Sketching Formula


Organize the musical elements on the canvas so you understand the function of each component.


Writing music equals storytelling. Stick to your main characters and let them develop over time.


Start simple, and focus on the core ideas first. Add complexity later - not the other way around.

I'll expand on these guidelines, go deeper into their application and explain how they align with the three sketching techniques that we'll use.

"Sketching your Composition"

Finally take control over your creative process

A workshop with Music Interval Theory Academy co-founder Frank Herrlinger

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  • 3 most efficient sketching techniques that will save you hours when writing music
  • lifetime access to the full video of the live session (around 2,5 hours)
  • all teaching materials (PDF and MP3s) that I'm using in the session as a download
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(Note: This workshop is NOT part of the regular content inside the Music Interval Theory Academy.)

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Personal message

"You are the author! It's your name on top of the page!" -

Everybody who knows me probably has heard me say this very often, for a good reason: This journey is about YOU and your development as a composer, musician, and orchestrator.

I truly hope that you'll benefit big-time from this workshop and that we get to know each other in person quite soon.

Best always and have a great day,