​Music Interval Theory Academy

​Music Composition​

​​Your artistic work is a natural extension of your inner self! We help you understand those techniques and tools that are essential to define your own musical voice based on your emotions!

​Clear Concepts​

​​Music is not only an art form but also craftsmanship! We help you to structure your workflow and break down the individual steps that will get you to a beautiful composition way faster and more efficiently.

​It's Your Story​

​It's your name on the page, you are the author, and you should be in control. We help you grow musical confidence so that writing music turns from a stressful task into an exciting adventure and fun!

Experience some applied Interval Theory

​​​​Interval Theory is not complicated, and in fact, it all is based on simple concepts that everybody can follow easily.
In the video below, we provide you an exciting collection of musical demonstrations from the membership materials. All of those snippets are part of full teaching sessions that are available to all Academy

​Take a look and listen to the examples. The precise methodology that we teach makes it quite simple to spice up your writing skills with Interval Theory.

Why Interval Theory?

Everybody talks about general music theory! You find plenty of material about that on the Internet! But if that were all it takes to create beautiful music, the world would be swamped with musical geniuses and music creators. But it's not! ... 

We focus on practicality and teach the application of Interval Theory. It's all about putting things into action. You don't become a better and more rounded composer by reading about music theory. We specialize in the emotional use of the intervals and their combination so you can start thinking like a musical storyteller.

 ​A well-told story is more important than traditional rules! Nobody is going to hire you because you know some deep music theory but to attach emotions to a product or the overall picture.

You get hired to tell a story!

Build Musical Confidence​!

​Too many artists feel insecure about their work because they never took the time to develop taste and a unique personal voice! So they give away the power to others and become even more insecure when they ask for feedback! Stop that right now!

Instead, you should want to get your power back and feel confident about the work you create. Knowing your musical taste, combined with practical knowledge, will open up the door to artistic freedom!  That is what we want you to experience.

Music Interval Theory Academy has provided me with some unique and valuable compositional tools and has pretty much eradicated writer’s block for me. The intervallic approach is unique, and it works! Highly recommended to everybody who is struggling with writer's block.

M.I.T.A. combines the best of two worlds, the Diatonic System and the world of intervals. But you don’t have to throw away anything that you know and use every day! You are in total control of how much spice you want to add to your composition. This is simply the best method out there!

Before M.I.T.A., my writing was very predictable, staying safe within the diatonic/ modal world which worked for me up to a point. But I knew my composition skills were lacking something that I couldn’t grasp by myself. I am looking forward to the M.I.T.A. journey on which I’m so fortunate to be a part of.

M.I.T.A. expands common music theory into a deep understanding of the notes themselves and the relationship between them. A new and revolutionary tool that allows us to see music in a different way. If you are a composer, musician or orchestrator, I highly recommend you look more into M.I.T.A.!

M.I.T.A. removes the confines of traditional Diatonic thinking thus freeing up the creative path which allows me to write without judgment and explore unique musical ideas in both, composition and orchestration. M.I.T.A. has also given me the confidence to compose in any style by opening up my ear to the key elements within a piece of music.

M.I.T.A. gives me the tools and a bigger palette of compositional techniques that I can apply to any genre of music. I am able to understand the necessary building blocks required to create a piece of music. It's like learning and perfecting a new language.

M.I.T.A. is much more than a music theory course. It is deeply practical, and the tools, examples, workflow, and coaching have transformed my creative process, how I think about music and, of course, my results. I am very happy to be a part of the M.I.T.A. family.

In just a single week, M.I.T.A. expanded my compositional knowledge beyond what I learned at my own tertiary institution- and continues to do so! It is such a positive and unique way of writing and building musical ideas, and the best part - you can learn from anywhere in the world, at your own pace.

M.I.T.A. is a real gem to me. It is a marvelous collection of well thought and developed techniques that instantly take your mind into another way of thinking musically. In simple words, M.I.T.A. is the most efficient music generator and I use it on a daily basis!

Since starting my M.I.T.A. training, I no longer have a fear of writing music. I do a lot of sessions as a producer with various artists and find myself finishing songs within 3-4 hours. Now I really enjoy writing music every day. This is musical freedom!

M.I.T.A. has been a game-changer in the way I work. I’m able to use the tools that I’ve learned on a daily basis in compositions that have been used in commercials, trailers, television and feature films. With tight deadlines, I always feel like I have a competitive edge over other writers thanks to M.I.T.A.!

Robin Wade Composer for Media
Marc Bercovitz Award-winning Composer, Arranger & Orchestrator
Rick Frost Professional Bass Player & Composer
Miguel Coiz Composer & Technical Expert @ M.I.T.A.
Gareth Prosser Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger and Member of the Blue Man Group
Vivian Khor Grammy-nominated composer
Nathanael Iversen Composer & Entrepreneur
Leanne Puttick Conducter & Composer
Lorenzo Ferrero Composer & Jazz Musician
Justin DiCenzo Composer, Music Producer & Musician
Marc Aaron Jacobs Composer for Media

Not feeling ready yet to join the Academy?

​Did you know that we offer unique Workshops based on Interval Theory? Those workshops are not part of the membership materials and provide an excellent introduction to the fascinating world of the intervals. Learn at your own pace, and spice up your writing skills step by step.