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​​It's great that you compose already. I'd assume that you are pretty fluent with the conventional approach to music theory and composition. Whatever you've learned so far will help you to connect even quicker to the powerful world of musical storytelling using interval theory.

Music is a universal language that goes beyond gender, age, and even culture. Therefore, it should not be limited to only one point of view.

​And here's something about you! The reason why you signed up to 'M.I.T.A. Magazine' tells me not only that you are interested in learning a new approach to music theory and composition, furthermore, it also shows that you are THE ONE out of many who actually has the potential to become a great artist because ... you took action!!

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​I'll do my best to show you the power and possibilities of interval theory so that your compositions and artistic quality will go way beyond what the average composer is capable of writing.

In this story, YOU are the hero!​

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