"SMART Musical Storytelling - Part 2"

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You missed out!

Are you struggling with being original and

finding your own musical voice?

Yes, realizing that you sound like everybody else is frustrating! In fact, frustration kills creativity! You probably feel under pressure and enter that downwards spiral to even more frustration! Let's stop this!

It's a widespread problem for composers to not feel creative like they are being trapped in the downward spiral of frustration. Nothing seems to move forward, and the time invested almost feels wasted.

In fact, that's not only a subjective feeling, but it can create serious problems for you. Why should anybody hire you if your music is 100% replaceable?

As a result, many composers (have to) offer their work for lower and lower prices to stay competitive. Congrats, they just entered into a race to the bottom because that's what every (unsuccessful) composer does. I hope you don't win that race because the price is that you have to quit and make a living from something else.

On forums and social media, you see a lot of screams for help like: "Please help me sound more original!", or "How can I improve on this progression?" Sounds familiar?

They do not see any other solution than asking their unsuccessful competitors for help. And those who potentially could drop a value bomb usually don't have the time to answer because they are busy doing actual work!

So, let's change that and talk about a real solution to that dilemma.

"Smart Musical Storytelling - The Orchestration"

This free webinar will show you some of the essential concepts of effective musical storytelling. Everything is based 100% on practicality, my experience as a professional composer for over 17 years, and getting to results quickly. 

You'll learn how to start thinking horizontally and getting closer to your own musical voice.

Here's what Frank will cover ...


The Content of this Webinar

=> concepts of the orchestration based on the Overtone Series
=> how to use the nature of the intervals (horizontally and vertically)
=> what you've been missing from conventional music theory
=> academy member Olivier Bostvironnois explains his way of using "2+2" to create a powerful musical story

=> Q&A session with all attendees (this won't be available in the replay)

=> an invitation to continue your musical journey at the Music Interval Theory Academy

  • live session | around 60 min. (+ Q&A Session)


Bonus Content for live Attendees

Since we love live events, we want to celebrate this webinar with all the live attendees by handing out exclusive bonus materials (all downloadable).

=> my Top 10 Techniques for Gathering Material for a Composition
=> my Orchestration Checklist for better and more transparent arrangements and orchestrations

If possible, please join the live session and take advantage of these handouts, as they can tremendously improve your musical works!

Meet Your Instructor,
Frank Herrlinger

Frank is a professional composer from Vienna, Austria. He has been hired to work on countless projects over the last 17 years, including Disney, Mattel, Nintendo, Sony, and many others.

In 2015, Thomas Chase Jones and Frank founded the Music Interval Theory Academy and taught many composers very successfully to become more efficient, more prosperous, and more creative since then.

Next to writing music in the industry, Frank loves teaching and looks forward to welcoming YOU in this webinar!

Fix Music Theory!

The way how music theory is being taught at traditional educational institutions is not efficient and even broken!

You'll spend most of your time analyzing classical composers, but that only teaches you how to write in those composers' styles. The truth is that nobody ever will hire you to write something like Mozart or Bach! This type of education won't let you survive if you want to become a working composer in the industry.

Instead, music theory should teach how to become an elegant and efficient musical storyteller - that's what I want you to achieve!

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Personal message

"You are the author! It's your name on top of the page!" -

Everybody who studies with me has probably heard me say this very often, for a good reason: This journey is about YOU and your development as a composer, musician, or orchestrator/arranger.

I truly hope that you'll benefit big-time from this webinar and that we get to know each other in person quite soon.

Best always and have a great day,