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Get Rid Of Your Musical Frustration Once And For All!

After helping music creators reach their goals for over 7 years, we realized that most of them usually find themselves in (at least) one of the following situations!


The music you write sounds generic and boring. You have a desire to break out of your cage but don't know how.


Music always was one of your biggest passions, but you never got into it because life happened. You're now looking for best practices in composition and orchestration and how to learn all of that most efficiently.


Finishing a musical piece literally takes you forever! You don't follow any process, and you have to rely on luck. Hence, you feel insecure and stressed out.


You work really hard to get more sophisticated results but make only little to no progress. You know there has to be a more efficient way to compose and orchestrate great music but haven't found that yet.


You actually do well but want to learn new techniques and devices not covered by conventional music theory or courses. You are interested in staying on the pulse and want to know what works most efficiently.

That's why we've created the Access Pass

Get A Musical Life You Can Be Proud Of

Music and music composition is a very personal thing. It's almost an extension of your inner self, and for that reason, we want you to feel confident about your decision-making and the art you create!

We help you remove all the uncertainty and the guessing from your process of creating beautiful music. You probably feel sometimes like you were trapped in a cage, but as the author, YOU should be in total control. And you should be free!

What if you could turn your mind into an infinite pool of musical ideas? You simply had to pick and choose emotionally! That would be brilliant, right? Well, here's some good news for you, that's what we teach!

We offer clearly-structured materials (live and recorded) that help you turn into the most efficient composer you can be! It's a simple 3-step process that lets you move very quickly from the initial idea to the finished composition: The Gathering, the Sketching, and the Developing! Learn more about that inside the Academy; it's all based on your unique taste and emotional decision-making!

As composers, we spend most of our time alone in dark studio places. Actually, being isolated for too long can bring up some serious health problems, just like sleep problems or even depression. That's why we offer interactive monthly community meetings and lots of live online events. We want you to stay connected and healthy. Get yourself a musical life that you can be proud of - we help you grow!

This is included in the Access Pass

The Music Interval Theory Academy provides outstanding value as it gives direct access to an ever-growing content library. Please see the list below for more details.

Over 25 Spotlight Courses & Classes

You get instant access to a variety of in-depth courses and sessions that will help you implement the magic of Interval Theory into your writing. Learn how to think horizontally, and complement your existing Diatonic knowledge with Interval Theory.

From basic line writing over Negative Harmony to Polytonality, we show you the full spectrum of composition techniques. You even get applications for instruments such as the Ukulele or the Guitar, which also help you develop better performance skills. Here's an excerpt of the content:

  • 1-min. Music Theory | 19 Lessons | 19min.
  • Interval Theory Basic Course | 9 Lessons | 2h 40min.
  • The Application of Negative Harmony - Part 1 | 9 Lessons | 1h 12min.
  • Efficiency Booster - The 3-Step Process | 1h 20min.
  • MITA Counterpoint - Structured Line Writing | 1 hour
  • The OTS Modes I - Theory & The Application | 2h 7min.
  • The OTS Modes II - Polytonality & Pivot Points | 2h 6min.
  • String Theory I - Composing with Lines | 3 hours
  • String Theory II - Applied to the OTS Modes | 1h 8min.
  • The Portals Workshop | 5-Day Workshop | 3h 33min.
  • The Composition From Scratch Workshop | 5-Day Workshop | 3h 4min.
  • Interval Theory Blues Guitar | 127 Lessons | 2h 17min.
  • "Did you Know" Guitar Series | 50 Lessons | 1h 43min.
  • Interval Theory Pentatonic Live Composition | 8h 32min.
  • and much much more ...

Weekly Quick Wins

In case you don't have much time at the moment, but still want to improve on your skills, our weekly Quick Wins are short and precise tips in video format that will boost your writing skills in less than five minutes! This series is a perfect complement to the in-depth sessions as they cut to the chase right away. No matter if you are a beginner or pro in music theory - the Quick Wins get you to the next step! Here are some examples:

  • 2 Shortcuts to better Chord Progressions
  • Authentic and Plagal lines
  • Extend your Harmonic Material with 4+4
  • The Resolution of 2s and 10s
  • Remember 14 different Scales with this trick!
  • Finding the proper Tempo for your Composition
  • The Benefits of Substitute Voice-Leading
  • and many many more ...

Talks & Interviews

You get access to the knowledge of industry experts. May it be the music business, how to brand yourself, or legal questions such as co-authorship and royalties from streaming, our Talks and Interviews give you great insight. This exclusive knowledge prepares you to succeed in the industry and is available to all members. 

  • Doug Frank | Former "President of Music" at Warner Bros.
  • Dr. Allen Hyman | Attorney from California who specializes in Copyright Law
  • Rick Baptist | Vice President of the Union
  • Mike Post | One of the most successful Composers in Television
  • and many many more ...

Private Forum & Access to the Community

We know that learning in an isolated working space can be frustrating. The internal Academy Forum lets you connect to the community of like-minded music creators and provides the option to chat in private with every forum member. You'll grow much quicker and build musical confidence much faster with the support of a helping community.

Additionally, our monthly member meetings and community challenges will motivate you to compose more music and gain more experience quicker.

Educational Discounts

Our Academy has teamed up with almost all the big houses for professional audio software and sample libraries. All active members are entitled to receive educational discounts from our official partners.

  • Spitfire Audio
  • Steinberg
  • Cinematic Studio Series
  • Orchestral Tools
  • Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Strevoz Sampling
  • Embertone
  • Audio Modeling
  • Soundtoys
  • and many many more ...

The Composition Course (100 Coins per lesson)

On top of the ever-growing content, you'll even get lessons from the Composition Course using the Coins system.

As a member, you'll get 50 Coins transferred to your MITA account on every 1st day of a month. So, even if you can't log in for some time because life happens, you keep collecting Coins so you can move faster when the time is right. Your Access Pass fee is an investment, not an expense.

And if you want to move faster through the Composition Course, you can purchase additional Coins (10 Coins = 10 EUR). The Coins system really gives you the most flexibility to line up your MITA studies with your personal life situation.

For your information: According to our statistics, most members take one lesson each month. They spend the time in-between the classes to apply and solidify the concepts/theories they've learned. That's about the sweet spot to get great results most efficiently. However, you set the pace, and that's why the Coins system exists.

Interested in learning more about the Coins system? Click here.

Listen to what others say about us:

MITA has pretty much eradicated writer’s block for me. The intervallic approach is unique, and it works! Highly recommended to everybody who is struggling with writer's block.

MITA is much more than a music theory course. It's deeply practical and has transformed my creative process, how I think about music, and, of course, my results. I'm very happy to be a part of the MITA family.

I composed 27 pieces in the last six months, thanks to the methodology taught inside the Academy! It has helped me a lot to discover and speak my own musical voice!

MITA gives me the tools and a bigger palette of compositional techniques that I can apply to any genre of music. It's like learning and perfecting a new and exciting language.

MITA is a real gem to me. In simple words, it's the most efficient music generator and I use it on a daily basis!

MITA offers a new and revolutionary perspective that allows composers to see music in a different way. If you are a composer, musician, or orchestrator, I highly recommend joining!

Before MITA, my writing was very predictable, staying safe within the diatonic/ modal world which worked for me up to a point. But now, I write orchestral compositions I never knew I was capable of!

In just a single week, MITA expanded my compositional knowledge beyond what I learned at my own tertiary institution- and continues to do so! It's such a unique way of writing musical ideas.

MITA removes the confines of traditional Diatonic thinking thus freeing up the creative path. It has also given me the confidence to compose in any style and get great results much faster!

Since starting my MITA training, I find myself finishing songs within 3-4 hours. Now, I really enjoy writing music every day. This is musical freedom!

MITA has been a game-changer in the way I write music for commercials, trailers, television, and feature films. With tight deadlines, I always feel like I have a competitive edge over other writers!

MITA combines the best of two worlds, the Diatonic system, and the intervals. You are in total control of how much spice you want to add to your composition. This is simply the best method out there!

Robin Wade Composer for Media
Nathanael Iversen Composer & Entrepreneur
Olivier Bostvironnois Professional Composer
Vivian Khor Grammy-nominated composer
Lorenzo Ferrero Composer & Jazz Musician
Miguel Coiz Media Composer
Rick Frost Professional Bass Player & Composer
Leanne Puttick Conducter & Composer
Gareth Prosser Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger and Member of the Blue Man Group
Justin DiCenzo Composer, Music Producer & Musician
Marc Aaron Jacobs Composer for Media
Marc Bercovitz Award-winning Composer, Arranger & Orchestrator

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Who is behind the Academy?

Thomas Chase Jones

Co-Founder // Instructor

TC has been composing, producing and teaching music for more than 40 years. He has experience of working with big studios for entertainment companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. He scored internationally-aired animated series which include The Batman, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Woody Woodpecker, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby Doo (Direct to Disc), Gummi Bears, Ducktales, Wuzzles, Captain Planet and more.

Frank Herrlinger

Co-Founder // Instructor

Frank is a professional composer working in the industry for over 15 years. He graduated from the University of Cologne, Germany, with his thesis being: ‘The Virtual Simulation of Orchestral Music Via Modern Computer Technology. He also wrote music for companies like Disney, Mattel, and numerous video games published for PlayStation, XBox and PC. His music is also often heard on German television (RTL, Pro7, VOX, etc.), in commercials, and trailers.

Our promise to you!

  • Everything that we teach at the Academy originated from working in the industry as composers for many years.
  • The Academy is the real deal, and there’s no information being held back. This is our passion, and we are 100% dedicated to it!
  • Exploit your full creative potential! We help you grow during your adventurous journey!

Common Questions

Hopefully, we’ve answered most of your questions already, but it’s totally ok if you are looking for more information. Maybe some of these Q&As can help you.

I've read about the Coins System. Do I need to purchase additional Coins next to the Access Pass?

Is the Academy right for me and are there any requirements?

I know the Diatonic system but do I have to be a musical genius to start this?

Can I switch between the monthly and yearly Access Pass?

How often do you release new content to your members and does this content gets archived?

Is the Composition Course included in the Access Pass?

Are there any obligations that come with the Access Pass?