My Top 10 Gathering Techniques

I understand that it can be hard to develop new musical ideas, but honestly, this is just a lack of technique! But don't worry, if you suffer from writer's block, this episode is pure gold for you!

Notable Quotes

"I really love this technique because it gets you great results quickly. And the best part is that it doesn't sound closely related to your starting material, but it's a very quick way to get new ideas."

"One of the great things you can do with these 2p- or 3p-structures are motors that run in the background!"


Most of the techniques I go over can be combined and lead to even more musical results!

Start writing down your go-to techniques that led to promising results so you can re-use them in the future. And if you want to get the downloadable PDF, simply look into the "Composer's Toolkit".

Author: Frank Herrlinger