About Frank

My name is Frank, and I've been creating music my whole life. In my early years, I started to play the church organ and the accordion. Later in my teens, I switched to the guitar, mainly because I wanted to play in bands. And actually, I did play in three rock bands for several years. The part I was enjoying the most was writing the music and the parts for my bandmates. More and more, I got into composing music and went away from performing. At some point, I really got frustrated with music theory, the Diatonic system, the analysis of classical pieces, and so on. It felt more and more that this was not for me, and so, I looked to the sides and discovered interval theory. In July 2015, I met with TC for the first time when he came to Vienna, Austria, and gave a workshop about composition. That meeting changed EVERYTHING in my life! You know the end of this story already, Music Interval Theory Academy! This whole journey gathered so many fantastic people around the globe already, and I'm thankful for every single member who decides to spend a little bit of her/his precious time in life together with us.
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