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Whether you’re brand new to the guitar or want to learn advanced concepts that will bring your knowledge and playing skills to the next level, you've found the right place!

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Everybody talks about developing a unique musical voice. Let us help you shape your voice and turn into a creative monster!

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Here you'll find Interval Theory and how to apply these concepts to the guitar!


We want you to make quick progress and get to results on the guitar! Therefore, we present precise and compact knowledge!


Learn how to find your way through the jungle of music theory and what is essential to make quick progress, including chords, progressions, scales, and much more.


In this section, we set the spotlight on the application! Let's focus on actual songs, their chord changes and how to turn the knowledge about theory into action!

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We teach the most effective system of composition and music theory, based on practicality and emotional storytelling!
This is the perfect place for all guitar players and musicians who want to transition into songwriting and composition.

A Personal Message

I'm a guitar player!

Why do I need to know Music Theory?

Hi, my name is Thomas Chase Jones, my friends call me TC. I'm the co-founder of the Music Interval Theory Academy. My business partner, Frank Herrlinger, and I are both professional composers and guitar players!

With the content we create, we want to help guitar players like you transition into songwriting and composition. You don't have to become an expert in Music Theory, though. The idea is to find the most efficient way to communicate emotionally with your audience!

The Music Interval Theory Academy specializes in helping you gain musical confidence and musical freedom via Interval Theory. Yes, it's not the type of Music Theory that you've come across already in so many other places! I'm talking about the most efficient way to turn you into a compelling and elegant musical storyteller, on paper and the guitar.

But wait! Don't you teach conventional Music Theory?

Although our Academy embraces the Diatonic system, we focus on Interval Theory and how to use these concepts in the application. Yes, it's about writing black dots on the white paper (well, digitally), but the coordination of those notes follows Interval Theory and not Diatonic rules! This knowledge will open up so many new and fresh opportunities that are very hard to explain using the Diatonic approach. It will also revolutionize your playing skills on instruments like the guitar, the ukulele, or even the piano!

At one point, Frank and I were fed up with the limitations of the Diatonic system and looked for more practical ways to get to results quicker. We assume that 'Interval Theory' probably sounds a little bit abstract to you at first. That's because nobody told or taught you anything about it (yet). That's about to change, though.
We invite you to have an in-depth look at our materials and how this all applies to the real-world scenario.

In a nutshell, we want you to become the most creative and original version of yourself. To get to different results, you have to start doing different things!

The Truth about your Career as a Guitar Player and Songwriter/Composer

The industry doesn't care about any of your certificates or diplomas that you might or might not have. People hire you because of your taste and emotional decision-making. Reading some books or watching a bunch of videos won't get you anywhere in your career! You simply have to do stuff to get better at it. If you want to become a better guitar player, play the guitar as often as you can!

For that reason, we provide healthy chunks of information that always imply a call to action! We want you to reach your goals and succeed in your career! We will help you develop your performing skills and musical voice, no matter where you are at right now! We will help you focus on the essential elements that actually will make a difference in how you play or compose on the guitar.

All guitar players that I've come across thus far worked on shaping their unique style and tone. But almost nobody sounded special. Please don't get me wrong, we all have musical idols and role models that we want to imitate, and that's great! But you'll know when the time has come to step out of the shade and start developing your own style. The transition into becoming a more creative musician and into composition/songwriting can be hard when you don't know how to do it.

We help you achieve that!