The Creative Campus

Say goodbye to the isolation of working alone and unlock the potential for growth and inspiration that our virtual rooms offer.

Start your creative campus experience right now and be in the rooms with us!

The best part is that all the rooms are connected, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them without having to end your online session.

We recommend you start your journey to the Creative Campus in the Bistro. Get yourself a drink of your choice and let your creative thoughts wander.

Step into our Cinema Hall, where we host live classes and engaging music feedback sessions featuring works created by the MITA community.

Join our regular Open Discussion sessions, where we delve deep into all topics related to music, composition, and creativity.

The MITA community values practicality and hands-on sessions that streamline their lives as music creators. Welcome to the Workshop Space!

Need to host a briefing session or have a private discussion with another member? Our Recording Studios A & B are open to you 24/7.

Our Showroom offers an exclusive peek inside the academy and showcases all the benefits of being a part of MITA.

This AI-powered Chatbot is trained on all public materials about interval theory. Say hello to your new virtual assistant!

That's the spot where internal discussions, creative decisions, and private conversations unfold—our MITA Office.

Feel free to make the most of our virtual rooms—they're at your disposal whenever you need them. We're continually striving to enrich your virtual campus experience by introducing new features and even some fun surprises.

Thrive, connect, and build a musical life you can be proud of

Engage in casual video chats and deep discussions about music

Learn more about Interval Theory and how to apply it to your writing

Enjoy watching videos together in our cinema halls (popcorn anybody?)

Join a supportive community of like-minded composers & orchestrators

Grow as a musician and celebrate each other's (big and small) wins

Stay on the pulse of what's happening at MITA

Need some time to focus? Mute the room sound while staying connected

Discover a highly-creative environment for artists to grow

Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we're open 24/7

Invite a friend to join you and share the incredible experience together

Enjoy the virtual campus without any registration or email requirements

Exclusive Rooms for Academy Members

As an Academy member, you gain exclusive access to our VIP rooms and special events. These spaces are designed to provide additional benefits and unique experiences tailored specifically for our valued Academy members. This is our way of showing appreciation for your commitment, effort, and support.

Members utilize these rooms for confidential discussions and private meetings with their clients and collaborators. Each VIP Room offers only two seats, guaranteeing complete privacy during your meeting.

Note: Please log into your MITA account and you'll see the password next to the VIP rooms below.

Whether you're hashing out project details or plotting your next career move, the VIP Rooms provide the perfect ambiance for cultivating creative thoughts.

These rooms are accessible to MITA members around the clock, 24/7. Your clients will appreciate the professional ambiance of our VIP Rooms.

All VIP Rooms are password-protected, and logged-in members are seeing those password here on this page.

Even if you require more than two seats, simply inform our office, and we'll tailor the VIP Room to fulfill your needs accordingly.

Join the Academy today and unlock the doors to these special rooms. Level up your virtual campus journey and enjoy all the advantages and extra privileges of being an Academy member.