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  • ... become more creative and efficient as a composer
  • ... add to your existing knowledge with Interval Theory
  • ... build confidence by understanding the connections
  • ... develop and shape your own unique musical voice
  • ... create outstanding & unique music others look up to

Some of our latest episodes ...

The MITA Philosophy
Getting more out of Scale #1
The Power of Your Demoreel
Analyzing Prokofiev with Interval Theory
1st-Hand Insights from a Pro Composer
Basin Street Blues on the Guitar
Misconceptions about the Music Industry
11s and 10s in Blues
Interview with AI about Music
Unlocking the Secrets of 9th-Chords
The Business Booster
The Book of “1”
My Top 10 Gathering Techniques
Bitter Fruit
The Top 3 Traps Most Composers Fall Into
Business Thoughts from TC
The Sketching Piano
Insights from Master Composers
How We Hear
Stop Mystifying Negative Harmony
Orchestrating “Toodles”
Don’t let the Piano fool you
Triads – The Final Frontier
The Unsung Hero

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Who is behind the podcast?


Co-Founder of MITA

TC is one of the most successful composers for animation and television, and he carries a deep love for the guitar in his heart. He focuses on composing and orchestrating on the guitar to help guitar players transition more seamlessly into orchestral writing.


Co-Founder of MITA

Frank is a very organized and rational person who spent most of his life decoding the music composition methodology. He shares his most practical and valuable insights into music creation to help you become more efficient and discover your unique musical voice.