Welcome to our free video lessons! We help you spice up your Diatonic writing skills with a healthy pinch of Interval Theory on top!

Composing with Precision
How You Stand Out As A Composer
From Single Musical Lines to the Full Orchestra
Wanna Write Mysterious Music – DO THIS!
Great Shortcut for Negative Harmony
Your questions about Interval Theory answered by Master Composers
How to Compose with the Harmonic Series
One Sketch – Two Compositions
Scaling Triads and Creating Disney-type Music
I created my own virtual piano sample library
Real-time Orchestration with a Master Composer
Emotional Storytelling with CLUSTERS
Polytonality – A Quick Sketch – PART 2
THIS is How I use Negative Harmony
Composing on Autopilot
Musical Patterns based on the Intervals
It’s all Triads, Baby!
A Parallel Universe to the Church Modes
I Changed my Mindset as a Pro Composer