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8 Different Orchestrations (all from the same Sketch)

Today, we want to listen to 8 different orchestrations which all came out of the same sketch! Many thanks to all the Academy members who provided their work for this video!

It's simply fascinating to me to see so many different arrangements coming out of the same sketch, and nobody can deny that the options in the orchestration are endless! So, how do you go about finding YOUR best version?

As with sketching, we suggest you start with the technique and proven concepts. That's what we talk about in the Orchestration Concepts, and it's the most concise collection of best practices and shortcuts that literally summarize centuries of music theory in around 14 hours of video lessons!

A huge THANKS to all the Academy members who contributed to this fantastic content piece: Marc Bercovitz, Daniel Poissant, Gregory D. Moore, Ian Harker, Ulrich Dallinger, Jerker Jonsson, and Olivier Bostvironnois!

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Author: Frank Herrlinger