Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the MITA Hall Of Fame. Here, we honor our valuable graduates and selected members for their excellent work and achievements in music. As alumni, you are part of the core MITA community that supports other members and actively works on keeping the music industry healthy.

Academy Graduates

Rick Frost

Graduated in 2022

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Rick is a remarkable musician and a superb bass player with a deep connection to Blues music. He's always active, playing gigs and concerts with various bands, and he has a strong commitment to building community and uplifting fellow musicians.

It's incredible to think that when Rick first joined MITA, he couldn't even read the treble clef. Now, after his graduation, he's composing scores for full orchestras. His compositions are so impressive that they're even played on national radio! Rick's journey in composition from novice to expert is not just inspiring—it's a testament to his dedication and passion for music.

Olivier Bostvironnois

Graduated in 2022

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Olivier is a multi-faceted musical artist whose talents span from composing exquisite pieces to playing the piano with exceptional mastery, and skillfully mixing tracks in his own studio. He has a deep passion for music that is evident in every note he plays and every song he creates.

He chooses to work alongside elite musicians, surrounding himself with a circle of highly-skilled individuals who help bring his musical visions to life. These regular collaborations foster a dynamic and creative atmosphere, where innovative ideas flourish and new musical landscapes are explored. Olivier’s commitment to excellence and his collaborative spirit make him a standout figure in the music industry.

Marc Bercovitz

Graduated in 2019

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Marc is an amazing composer and orchestrator who brings a special touch to animated films and movies with his outstanding skills. He is incredibly dedicated and loves sharing his love for music in the MITA community. Marc creates fun orchestration challenges and gives inspiring masterclasses that everyone enjoys.

Ever since he graduated and joined the MITA composition team, Marc has made a lasting impact on many projects. He adds his own creative flair and endless energy to everything he works on. His dedication to both his art and his community is really motivating, and he sets a great example for everyone lucky enough to work with him.