Quick Win #2

2 Shortcuts To Better Chord Progressions

Here's a quick summary of the main takeaways from this Quick Win! Also, listen to some examples below!

  • Go with the natural resolution of chords. Every chord structure is a set of overtones from the Overtone Series (or Harmonic Series). This series, however, is not stable and wants to resolve in the authentic direction on the Circle of Fifths! That's why the Circle of Fifths sounds so good to our ears, use it!
  • Create strong and singable parts in your chord progressions! Don't just think of them as vertical blocks but horizontal lines that weave together to chords. Remember: If you can't sing, it's (probably) not a good part.


Make it easy for your audience to follow your parts, even if those parts weave together to complex chords. As long as your parts are simple, everybody can follow along. This also includes chromatic lines!