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Composing with Precision | Just Like the Classical Maestros Did

While the process of composition requires broad strokes as well, sometimes, it's the feel for details and precision that make the music unique.

As a composer, it's important to clearly understand what the overall purpose and story of your music should be like and not lose sight of it. But at some point, you need to zoom in and focus on the smaller details. Let's learn from Prokofiev and how he created his amazing music with precision.

Prokofiev was a composer who paid close attention to every little aspect of his music. He worked hard on things like melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, and you can hear it in his works. 

Being precise helps you express what you want to say and make sure that every musical choice has a purpose and meaning. This applies equally to a simple piano piece or a big orchestral setting - paying attention to details is what the masters do.

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Author: Frank Herrlinger