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Create Better Chord Progression (in 10 min.)

Note: The most popular and successful compositions often consist of simple major and minor triads, and that's actually a fantastic opportunity to use a healthy dose of Interval Theory fairy dust and make those structures sound way more advanced! 

The magic word is Scaling, and in the video, we explain in great detail how to apply that technique to any major/minor triad progression. Don't forget to download your materials, containing the full PDF and MP3 examples.

And because we love that technique so much, we want you to watch the follow-up video below that shows the exact steps from the gathering to the sketch to the finished orchestration. A big THANK YOU goes out to one of our Academy graduates, Marc Bercovitz, who orchestrated the same sketch in his style.

If you want to dive into all the resources available to you, I can't wait to see you join the Academy!

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