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How to Write Long-Form Compositions

In July 2023, we had a fantastic open discussion at the Academy about "How to write long-form compositions" that are interested. Out of this session derived a remarkable collection of tips and tricks that comes in very handy for every media composer who wants to write long-form pieces.

The Open Discussion

Below, we invite you to listen to the recording of the open discussion. We share many exciting (and entertaining) stories and even tell you some secrets we've never discussed publicly. So, grab some popcorn and hit play!

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download a handy summary of the shared insights. If you want to explore more extended compositions, this guide can turn into your life saver!

The tips and tricks you'll find in the guide have served me (Frank) well when I wrote many full-length CDs (60+ min.) for various music publishers back in the day.

And I truly hope you'll also get great value out of them!

Have a wonderful day and best always,