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Emotional Storytelling with CLUSTERS

Today, I want to tell you a story based on the cluster "1+1". Also, we'll find out how we can use clusters in emotional storytelling to our advantage!

Clusters can easily convey a dangerous and suspenseful feeling, and we want to look at a composition that I mainly wrote with a "1+1" cluster. For clarification, "1+1" refers to stacked chromatics on top of each other, like C, C#, and D.

We can use that interval combination (IC) in many ways, like motors, pedal structures, or lines. And this provides plenty of options for later orchestration. Please take your time and compare the sketch from the video to the orchestral development, and you'll realize that all the core ideas and musical elements already show up in the sketch.

In other words, be clear about what you want to say with the music when you sketch. It will make all the following steps way easier.

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Author: Frank Herrlinger