Insights from Interval Theory Master Composers

Today, we go into a three-way conversation. TC and Frank welcome Academy graduate Olivier Bostvironnois for this special episode.
We talk about all things Interval Theory-related and share some fantastic insight - don't miss this episode!

Notable Quotes

You can always combine different root tones with the intervals on top! Also, this topic smears into the world of psychoacoustics. These are the elements that I would look into to create different modes, and this all is part of "Module 6" from the "Orchestration Concepts" course.

My first motivation was to use the intervals, which led me to the whole-tone scale later, but I didn't want to play the whole-tone scale first. It's the consequence, and these are just different options.

And you can switch that perspective fluently. I would say it's a good idea to be aware that you can switch sides elegantly because sometimes a very strong Diatonic sound is required, especially in emotional storytelling.


If you're new to Interval Theory, you've found the perfect start with this podcast! And there's even more material available. In addition to the podcast episodes, we recommend you check out the articles that dive into the application of the intervals!

Author: Thomas Chase Jones & Frank Herrlinger