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John Isley

With a strong background in Jazz Performance and experience playing with stars like Diana Ross and The Allman Brothers, John is a world-class and versatile musician. From theater pits to the stage, John has also worked as a producer and arranger, showing talent in many areas of music.

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  • Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)
  • Flute (soprano [C], alto, bass)
  • Clarinet (Bb, bass)
  • EWI (electronic wind instrument)
  • Sound design
  • MIDI programming
  • Audio tracking (recording)
  • Mixing

Musical Examples:

"Frisco Day" (Arrangement, all saxes, recording, mixing)

"Isleyfunk" (Arrangement, all saxes, recording, mixing)

"Upshot of the Downside" (Arrangement, all saxes, recording, mix)

Tags: saxophone, sax, woodwinds, winds, ewi, midi, mixing, clarinet, flute, programming, jazz, fusion, big band, arranging, mock-up


  • BFA in Jazz & Contemporary Music from the New School
  • Masters of Arts in Jazz Performance from Queens College (City University of NY)
  • Performed and toured with diverse artists including: Diana Ross, The Allman Brothers, The Four Tops, The Temptations, and many more

Tech / Equipment:

  • Logic and Pro Tools with a Universal Audio Apollo interface and complete UAD plugin collection
  • Preamps: 2x SSL, 2x Tab FunkenWerk V78m, and 2x Langevin AM16
  • Microphones: 2x (vintage) Sennheiser 441, 2x Townsend Labs L22, Coles 4038, Electro Voice RE20
  • Outboard processing: JDK (API) stereo compressor, 2x Warm Audio Pultec EQ, Lavry Blue 48/96 a/d converter