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Olivier Bostvironnois

Olivier, a musicology graduate from Tours University and a jazz enthusiast, now balances his time composing, arranging, and producing music, while also serving as the sound engineer at Studio l’Entresol near Paris. His expertise spans electronic, jazz, and film music, making him a versatile figure in the music industry.

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  • Piano (MIDI)
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Studio Recording
  • Sound design
  • Arrangements & Orchestrations

Musical Examples:

Excerpt from "Birth" (composition, orchestration, production)

Excerpt from "Souvenirs" (composition, orchestration, production)

Tags: piano, mixing, mix, mastering, studio recording, studio, sound design, arranging, orchestration, sfx, pro tools, music production


  • Expert piano skills and studied musicology at Tours University, France
  • Highly-trained in Jazz, Electronic and film music
  • Works successfully in the music industry as a composer, arranger, producer, and sound engineer

Tech / Equipment:

  • Studio: 45m² main cabin, 5m² vocal cabin
  • AMADEUS and FOCAL monitoring
  • Mac Studio M2 Max
  • ProTools Ultimate & Logic Pro X
  • High-end hardware, microphones & sound libraries