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I created my own virtual piano sample library

I sampled the piano I grew up with and created a Kontakt-based sample library out of it. In this video, I walk you through the patches and show you how it sounds.

This particular piano always felt very special to me because I literally sat down on that piano when I was six years old and started noodling around.

In 2022, almost 35 years later, I finally captured the sound of this wonderful "Steingraeber & Söhne" piano and created the „MITA Sketching Piano“ as a Kontakt-based virtual instrument.

You might ask why we called it the Sketching Piano. Well, the funniest answer would be, "because it's so out-of-tune that you can't combine it with any other instrument"! :D

But there's more to it. While building the Music Interval Theory Academy, TC and I wrote (literally) hundreds of musical examples for piano, short and long ones.

We wanted a unique sonic character because the subjects we wrote about are also special. So, this piano is not designed to compete with other libraries on the market but makes a strong point in reminding every composer that it's about finding your unique musical voice.

That's (at least) how we feel about it, and we truly hope that the „MITA Sketching Piano“ will inspire you to write fantastic and original music that'll help move your career forward.

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Author: Frank Herrlinger