Quick Win #32

The RC6 has no Direction

Here's a quick summary of the main takeaways from this Quick Win!

  • be sure to know what the harmonic weight is at all times when chords are involved
  • the RC6 splits the octave, and therefore, you decide what direction it goes (not only physically but also referring to the harmonic weight)
  • the only way to use substitute voice-leading (SVL) is by going in parallel in all voices
  • you can use the RC6 to auto-correct the register of your chord progression


The RC6 is a substantial element in Polytonality. You might know that the Octatonic scale lives on four equal root tones - essentially, those roots create the RC3. So, the first and the third root build an RC6, and then, the second and the fourth create another RC6 (three chromatic steps above the first root). Write out the Octatonic scale and make sure you understand this connection.