Success Stories

Dive into the journey of real composers and musicians who grew musical confidence and improved their writing skills big-time inside the Music Interval Theory Academy.

"I'm using the MITA tools every day and in any project."

"I came to the Music Interval Theory Academy some time ago, and since then, the tools and techniques have truly expanded my musical palette beyond anything I could think of ..."

GARETH PROSSER  //  Composer & Performer @ Blue Man Group

"Finally, I can rely on a robust and flexible process."

"For me, the Music Interval Theory Academy has given me three main takeaways that have changed my musical life! In detail, it is ...

  1. a solid process
  2. the most practical tools for composition
  3. an increased musical outcome - in terms of quality AND quantity"

NATHANAEL IVERSEN  //  Composer & Music Enthusiast

"Now I write a lot faster."

"All the tools and techniques taught inside the Music Interval Theory Academy fit well with my type of personality. My brain is geared in a very logical, organized way (I’ve worked in computer science for 20+ years). But with music, this is not the part of the brain involved in creativity, intuition, and aesthetics. So, I struggled to get my musical ideas down in an organized way.

Now with the methodology, I first gather material and then use the material to write a sketch. The last step is developing the sketch into a full-fledged musical piece. I have to say that after only 7 lessons from the Composition Course, I write a lot faster than before, but also, my pieces are sounding way better.

Thank you, guys!"

DANIEL POISSANT  //  Composer & Musician

"Saying Goodbye to writer's block."

"While I'm just starting my MITA journey, I've been extremely impressed by both the resources on the MITA site and the tremendous member support.

I've received a warm welcome and positive encouragement from everybody inside the Academy, making this new experience so much fun. It feels like I get to be a kid again as I learn so many new and exciting compositional tools. And it's great to have other members around who share a similar excitement over this unique learning experience.

Just with the few MITA tools I've learned so far, they have opened up a massive door for me to explore new ideas along with a friendly environment within which to create and learn. I look forward to an exciting adventure ahead and highly recommend it to others interested in learning new compositional skills and tools."

GREG MOORE  //  Composer

"I don't have to rely on inspiration anymore."

"Even though I'm making my way through the first lesson of the composition course, I am indeed getting something from the Academy that I didn't have before.

The English composer and musicologist Donald Francis Tovey once remarked that the reason why good composers don't have to get themselves out of a hole is that they never fall into one in the first place. Even at my beginning level, I have noticed that the synthesis of years of traditional harmonic theory into the three rules of voice leading and the observations on RC and PC have already made me see a lot of habitual traps I used to fall into before I fell. I normally would have spent way too long working out a progression, practically one note at a time.

The assignments in each lesson have made me approach composition in a systematic, top-down way, as opposed to my former reliance on "inspiration" for every couple of notes. Especially helpful is your insistence that *I* am in control. I don't have to settle for what I've written down, simply because it cost me so much work to get there. You have opened up revision choices to me.

So, I would say that MITA has been well worth my commitment even at this early stage. I love these lessons. Spend your most precious resource wisely; that is your time! If music creation is a deep passion of yours, you should pay attention to the Academy. You'll learn a clear and transparent methodology that will shape your musical voice and help you gain confidence. You'll be able to combine proven composition techniques with your unique taste so that you can stand out and create music that matters!"

STEVE SCHWARTZ  //  Composer & Writer of Books

"The tools have sharpened my musical voice."

"I discovered MITA only a couple of months ago, and it has already helped me a lot in the way I compose. The concepts are clear and have enlightened my writing, my orchestration, and my way of telling stories with music.

I'm only at the beginning of the training, and I'm looking forward to studying more.
I can only recommend Frank and TC's teaching to all who wish to deepen their knowledge and perfect their art."

GABIN FERRA  //  Composer

"Finally, I just create."

"Since I started studying at MITA, I realized that one of the most valuable changes I experienced refers to the creating process of music. I realized that the Academy emphasizes ways and a system to have unlimited and flawless inspiration from scratch, among many other things! 

MITA showed me step by step how I can create a musical universe from zero. Now I realize that with the right steps and methodology that I learned at the Music Interval Theory Academy, I no longer have writer's block."


"The teaching method is outstanding."

I've been lucky because I had the privilege to study music at some of the best Universities available, in Boston (USA) and Los Angeles.

Basically, there is a clear line between the fundamentals of Diatonic Theory, contemporary Jazz, and Classical music. You probably can learn all of them separately, but it's not easy.

What I've found in MITA is the great respect for the Diatonic system and how you can add Interval Theory on top of it! This path is really fantastic because it offers the opportunity to widen your perspective as you proceed through the studies.

But there's also another main takeaway for me. The teaching method inside the Academy is outstanding because it builds from the bottom up, starting with fundamentals and adding complexity on top. The "Composition From Scratch" workshop was a tremendous help to understand the creative process even better.

As you'll see, Interval Theory can be applied to any musical genre or style. It simply frees you up and pushes the boundaries so that you can focus more on the music.

Many thanks for all the value you're providing.

FABIO JEGHER  //  Composer & Percussionist

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