Music Interval Theory Academy

The MITA Coins System - explained

On this page, we talk about the advantages of the Music Interval Theory Coins system. Please note that all Academy members automatically benefit from that system.

Benefits for Members

The Music Interval Theory Academy is an educational institution founded BY music creators FOR music creators. We give the power to the member, and therefore, created the Coins System.

1) Time-based Reward for Members

It's all covered in your monthly (or yearly) membership fee. Every Academy member automatically gets issued 50 Coins on the 1st of every month. As long as your membership stays valid, your coins will accumulate without any further action needed. Please note that the Coins-free content also is ever-growing, and we periodically release new materials to members. By introducing the Coins System, we won't stop creating and rolling out new content that can be accessed directly.

2) Get Access to Exclusive Content

Next to the regular membership content, which is ever-growing, members can unlock exclusive content using their Coins, including lessons from the Interval Theory Composition Course! Those lessons build on top of each other, and therefore, require a linear progression. You can learn at your own pace and re-watch any section as often as you like. The materials are presented via video and in an article format, including streamable audio examples.

3) Build Your Individual Learning Path

You decide how you spend your Coins inside the Academy! Next to the Composition Course, you can unlock more content pieces, such as Workshops, additional live classes, or even personal feedback sessions with the co-founders TC or Frank. We want you to get the most value out of your studies, and since there's no "one size fits them all", we want you to stay in control.

4) Coins Help You Focus

Although Coins are virtual, spending them is a conscious decision, and therefore, will help you set your focus on just one content piece at a time. You will make faster progress in your studies and even learn more efficiently. Furthermore, it helps you move through the vast amount of content inside the Academy with a solid plan of action.

5) You are in Control

The Coins system gives you the most flexibility and freedom about how quickly you want to move through the materials. If studying time gets short, collect your monthly Coins, and spend them later. And if you're going to move faster, you don't have to wait. You can buy additional Coins and unlock the materials immediately. The exchange rate between Coins and Euro is 1:1, that means 10 EUR equal to 10 Coins.

Coins-relevant Content

Of course, the most fun is spending the Coins you collect every month, right? Next to individual 1-on-1 sessions, you can use your Coins to unlock the Composition Course inside the Academy.

Lesson No.



Lesson 1

Plainsong (1 part), Strong Lines

1h 48min.

Lesson 2

Plainsong (2 parts), Counterpoint

1h 25min.

Lesson 3

Plainsong (4 parts), Horizontal Writing

1h 18min.

Lesson 4

Changing Scales (horizontally), Sketching

1h 59min.

Lesson 5
Combining Scales (vertically), Sketching
1h 30min.
Lesson 6
The "Concept of 1, 4, and 5", Crossing of Voices
1h 53min.
Lesson 7
Triads, Horizontal and Vertical Writing
1h 56min.
Lesson 8
Extended Roots & Outside Intervals
1h 19min.
Lesson 9
The Matrix of Triads, Chord Complexity
1h 57min.
Lesson 10
Major and Minor 7th Chords (3 parts)
1h 30min.
Lesson 11
Minor Natural 7th Chords (3 parts)
1h 34min.
Lesson 12
Dominant 7th Chords (3 parts)
1h 47min.
Lesson 13
The Matrix of Triads with 3+3
1h 46min.
Lesson 14
7th Chords (4 parts)
1h 53min.
Lesson 15
6/4 - Basics
1h 52min.
Lesson 16
Bass Movement I - Walking Bass Line
1h 53min.
Lesson 17
Bass Movement II - Bass Displacement
1h 44min.
Lesson 18
Bass Movement III - Coordination & Bass Sections
1h 47min.
Lesson 19
6/4 - Reverse
1h 49min.
Lesson 20
6/4 - Scale Pairs & Reflection
1h 39min.
Lesson 21
9th Chords (3 parts & 4 parts)
1h 58min.
Lesson 22
9th Chords - 6/4 & Resolution
1h 36min.

More lessons will be released very soon!

1-on-1 Session with TC

50 Coins / 20 min.

Get personal feedback and individual advice so that you make progress faster!

1-on-1 Session with Frank

50 Coins / 20 min.

Get personal feedback and individual advice so that you make progress faster!

Common Questions

Although we try to be as transparent as possible, you still might have questions that we hope to answer below.

Are Coins redeemable as money?

Unfortunately, no. Coins only work inside the Academy.

Do I have to buy Coins to get access to the content?

No, you don't. Just by staying an Academy member, you'll get 50 Coins transferred to your account every month. These Coins accumulate automatically without any action from you required.

However, if you want to move quicker and unlock more content pieces in a shorter amount of time, you can purchase additional Coins. This, however, is optional and not required.

What happens with my Coins after I cancel my account?

If you decide to cancel your membership, unfortunately, you'll lose your current Coins balance.

May I transfer my Coins to another account?

This is only possible as long as YOU are the owner of those two accounts. Our office will support you in this.

What happens to my Coins when I switch my membership from monthly to yearly or vice versa?

You may switch your membership at the end of a period, and your Coins remain unaffected by that. You will not lose any Coins by switching between monthly and yearly or vice versa.

Why don't you just drip the lessons from the Composition Course every other month?

Because all members will have to stick to that pace and nobody would be able to move faster!
You are in control over how quickly you want to go through the lessons.