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M.I.T.A. Basic Course

This course is designed to give you an introduction to interval thinking. At the same time, it covers the essential elements of the Diatonic System. The M.I.T.A. Basic Course is the right starting point for everybody who wants to know more about composition, and how to organize notes most practically and musically. And everybody who has advanced knowledge of music theory already is going to love this course as it shows how to connect interval thinking to Diatonic writing.

We recommend spending some time on each lesson and go into the assignments. Use this time to make yourself familiar with interval thinking and gain experience. Also, if you need help, we are there to support you and help you grow!


   highly recommended to everybody who is new to interval theory
   learn how intervals enhance the Diatonic System
   the focus is set on practicality
   learn at your own pace
   course duration: 2h 40 min.
   watch Lesson 1 as a FREE sample (see the table of contents below)

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