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“In just a single week, M.I.T.A. expanded my compositional knowledge beyond what I learned at my own tertiary institution- and continues to do so! It is such a positive and unique way of writing and building musical ideas, and the best part- you can learn from anywhere in the world, at your own pace.”

Leanne Puttick, Composer & Musician

“After having studied traditional harmony, fugue, counterpoint and several writing courses at different educational institutions, I finally ended up with M.I.T.A.!

In order to really improve your skills, you need to write a lot and M.I.T.A. pushes you to write tons of original musical compositions and orchestrations. M.I.T.A. combines the best of two worlds, the Diatonic System and the world of intervals. But you don’t have to throw away anything that you know and use every day! You are in total control about how much spice you want to add to your composition.

This is simply the best course out there!”

Marc Bercovitz, Award-winning Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator

“M.I.T.A. removes the confines of traditional Diatonic thinking thus freeing up the creative path which allows me to write without judgment and explore unique musical ideas in both composition and orchestration.
M.I.T.A. has also given me the confidence and tools to compose in any style by opening up my ear to the key elements within a piece of music making analysis very straightforward and enjoyable.
The key is not to be afraid, none of this abandons our Diatonic world, we’re adding to what we already know in immeasurable ways!”

Gareth Prosser, Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger and Member of the Blue Man Group

“M.I.T.A. expands common music theory into a deep understanding of the notes themselves and the relationship between them. A new and revolutionary tool that allows us to see music in a different way. Einstein quotes, “we can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. For composers, the M.I.T.A. course may well be that ‘new kind of thinking’ he refers to.”

Miguel 'Fox' Coiz, Composer & Technical Expert @ M.I.T.A.

“M.I.T.A. is much more than a music theory course. It is deeply practical, and the tools, examples, workflow, and coaching have transformed my creative process and my results.”

Nathanael Iversen, Composer & Entrepreneur

“M.I.T.A. gives me the tools and a bigger palette of compositional techniques that I can apply to any genre of music. I am able to understand the necessary building blocks required to create a piece of music.”

Vivian Khor, Grammy-nominated composer

“M.I.T.A. has been a game-changer in the way I work. I’m able to use the tools that I’ve learned on a daily basis in compositions that have been used in commercials, theatrical trailers, television and feature films. With tight deadlines and cutthroat competition, I always feel like I have a competitive edge over other writers thanks to M.I.T.A.!”

Marc Aaron Jacobs, Composer

“M.I.T.A. is a real gem to me. It is a marvelous collection of well thought and developed techniques that instantly take your mind into another way of thinking musically.

In simple words, M.I.T.A. is the most efficient music generator. It will add on to your current musical knowledge, expand it and take it to the next level by understanding and applying music with the art of intervalic and horizontal thinking.”

Lorenzo Ferrero, Composer & M.I.T.A. Artist

“Since starting my M.I.T.A. training, I no longer have a fear of writing music. I do a lot of sessions as a producer with various artists and find myself finishing songs within 3-4 hours. Now I really enjoy writing music every day. M.I.T.A. has given me a set of tools to work with any musical concept that comes to me.”

Justin DiCenzo, Composer & Musician

“Music Interval Theory Academy has provided me with some unique and valuable compositional tools and has pretty much eradicated writer’s block for me. Highly recommended!”

Robin Wade, Composer & M.I.T.A. Instructor

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