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Negative Harmony I – Basic

This application course is designed to help members implement basic concepts of Negative Harmony in their writing. Please study the respective ebook first before you dive into this course. Also, having successfully completed the M.I.T.A. Basic Course is a prerequisite to start this course!

For sure, Negative Harmony has become a very trendy subject these days and it’s surprising to see that these concepts actually are a fundamental part of music theory. But on the other hand, it can lead to very interesting musical ideas which can’t be explained easily using the Diatonic system as the base of thinking. This and much more can be explored in this course about the basic application of Negative Harmony!

   learn how to apply Negative Harmony based on intervals
   learn how to push the limits of the Diatonic System
   focus only on the application, no dancing around
   learn at your own pace
   course duration: 1h 12 min.
   watch Lesson 7 as a FREE sample (simply click on that lesson in the table of contents below)

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