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Music Theory in less than 1 Minute

In this course, you get a beneficial collection of tips and tricks that will help you to write more exciting music, speed up your workflow, and become a more efficient composer. Each 1-min.-lesson will give you valuable ideas and musical inspiration.

The lessons in this course are generally concise and, therefore, complement the more substantial explanations found in the Basic Course or the ebooks. Sometimes, it’s just a specific way of wording a concept or demonstrating a technique, and it will click.

Try to make sure that you use all the resources available to you, as this is the most efficient way of making progress and improvements. In case you want to test the waters, the “Music Theory in less than 1 Minute” course is an excellent start to get a general feeling of Interval Theory and how it affects your choice of orchestration. Quick and simple tips, as well as words of inspiration, show the power of musical storytelling and, even more important, how you can take advantage of that knowledge.

If you don’t have much time right now but still want to make progress, please see the table of contents below. Note that you may browse freely through all of the lessons, you don’t follow the numeric order.


   highly recommended to everybody who is curious about interval theory
   get tips and tricks on how to become a more efficient composer
   the focus is set on practicality and concepts
   learn at your own pace
   course duration: 19 min.


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